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By  dutch559  |  0

soak a soft cloth(or shirt) in milk and put it on the takes the sting out and helps so you dont peel as badly.
i get sunburned alllll the time.

  JoshTheMaggot  |  8

when people are at the beach I want to cover up part of there back so there sunburn
says something or is a picture ahaha. or instead of sun tan oil I'll hive them cooking
oil hahaha yeah

  Ajjas013  |  6

I don't think it works like that...

  Ajjas013  |  6

Sorry responded to wrong comment :(

  Ajjas013  |  6

The black one right?

  writergirl69  |  0

Worse than a bad sunburn with a rash? Let's see, losing your mom, being raped, getting pregnant, having a miscarriage, dropping a baby, being dropped as a baby, being a child soldier, getting cancer, watching your child die, and plenty more. Hey, you asked.

By  caancoha  |  0

You know what works great? Take 2tbsp salt and a half-cup lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and soak a rag in it, then lay the rag on the burn. Repeat as necessary.

  doink  |  0

You fail for failing to realize it is possible to get a sunburn during the colder seasons.

The sunlight can reflect off of a "blanket" of snow and it can certainly burn you.

  lky830  |  0

you can get a sunburn even on a cloudy or snowy day. uv rays reflect off the particles in clouds and snow and can burn you. and for all you know, the op could be very pale skinned like I am. I can get a sunburn while driving to work. yes, through the windows and in the dead of winter.

By  DarDarAttack  |  0

Don't worry though.
Just peel all the skin off, let it bleed out all over the place...,
Then go to your local Walmart and scare the living shit out of all the little kids! Have a good laugh!
Or better yet, (before you skin starts to heal) take a trip to Hollywood, they may need you on-set for the filming of the next monster movie.
Or if you're so self-conscious you can't let ANYONE see you,
Wear a paper bad over your head for a while.
Try to find some with the designs on 'em!
The guys will digg it! :D