By whitey - Australia
Today, I went to the beach. After applying sunscreen liberally and doing my best to stay out of the sun, I came home with the worst sunburn I have ever had. I almost needed to go to the hospital. I am officially too pale to be allowed outside in summer. FML
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  kofinater  |  3

thank God i'm black, can't imagine having to where suntan lotion, that stuff reeks

  MrsDruidess  |  23

OP, I am Irish and from Arizona USA, so nothing but sunburns my whole life, I have found that a good after burn cream is original Noxzema! Just put it right on your skin. It cools right away and helps it heal faster, yes you have to reapply but its amazing with every application. This is for burns that don't need hospitalization, but are still bad. Good luck!!

By  FMLforALL  |  0

Ouchie!! FYL! Sunburns are the worst. You don't deserve it because you tried to take precautions against burning. I guess for now on you'll need a big floppy hat and long sleeves.

  cradle6  |  13

OP, you do need to tan. Go outside and tan for 10-15 minutes each side. Then, get out of the sun. Next day: Repeat.

You can't avoid the sun for years, be totally deprived of vitamin d, and then go outside for an extended period of time and expect to not burn.

  nerdface89  |  2

In Australia, our UV index is so high, even a tan will lead to cancer. Also, if OP burns with sunscreen on, 10-15 mins unprotected in the sun will not tan her, it will severely burn her. Some people, like myself, are incapable of tanning. We either burn, or the sunscreen works so nothing happens. If we burn, it turns into a tan for about a week or so and then peels off. Sucks. But no a tan is not a defence against the sun, it just shows your skin type is more tolerant to the sun.

By  Landarya  |  0

Where did you apply the sunscreen? Your feet?
I just can't imagine someone getting severely brunt with that much sunblock on.
But sucks to be you, sunburn's a bitch! Use Aleo Vera.

  siege10  |  0

also that the fact it's winter in the northern hemisphere precludes people who live there from getting sun burned. please note a good 70-80% of the suns uv rays penetrate clouds so in all reallity you could get sunburned in winter.

  Honesty4U  |  0

Actually, there are plenty of places in the northern hemisphere where you lay out, tan and/or get burnt/sweat your ass off in January. I've done it myself in both California and Florida.

By  QWERTYCommander  |  5

I'm pretty sure some people will say something along the lines of "It's winter, not summer!"

And to those future commenters, I shall tell them that it is summer in Australia.