That'll look good in the morning

By lizardface - 23/08/2010 22:44 - United States

Today, my daughter and I went to the carnival and had our faces painted. When we returned home hours later, I realized I have a deep sunburn all around my face, except for the skin under the paint in the shape of a gecko. FML
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3mi1y_ 16

OMG THAT'S SO COOL! don't complain! :D


DudeImWayBetter 0

your gonna get so much pussi looking like a gecko

sammehsaurus 0
sammehsaurus 0

Maybe I should look into this gecko-face thing then lol:)

bravesfan112233 0

atleast it's not in shape of something else like....a dick?

sammehsaurus 0

True. Everyone would just assume she'd been brutally dickslapped. lol

3mi1y_ 16

i hate one word comments that people leave just to be first -.-

you know 30, yo just did what you just said you dont get why people do it..

30- betcha had to threadjack to get that arguement heard

11 - and? OPs a chick, so what? she could be into girls too. sheesh. sheltered ****.

sammehsaurus 0

51 okay wow. Really? I happen to be a lesbian. I was just saying. So no need for name calling, k?

lmfao! I laughed more at the comments than the FML

WhyTheFace4 0

pms is a bitch. op- that's awesome. I don't know why you're complaining.

I agree with 66... the second part about it being awesome I have no idea what pms is like

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KiddNYC1O 20

59- don't expect to hear back from 51

sammehsaurus 0

77 Yeah wasn't planning on it haha

yeah like the dude above said, be a spokesperson for geico :)

allie198 0

lmao well u shouldnt because u r a guy i hope.....:)

alexxss_fml 10

yea seriously @51. relax yourself. the nerve of some people. 59 us lesbians gotta stick togheter. ;)

well, look on the bright side. now you can ask Geico to sponser you

scotty1234 0

I love how 51 is getting bashed for an obvious joke

why's this an fml?! that'd be awesome!

LemonpartyIsSexy 0

oh shit is that how gieco makes u pay for them losing 15 percent on car insurence......damn good thing I'm in good hands bcuz itsnot just how ur covered it's how ur treated and I don't think there good neighbors by progressivly turning u into a walking advertisment.

rfngxhhshi 0

nothing about this fml is gender specific. GUYS CAN GET SUPER COOL FACEPAINT TOO! :p

rfngxhhshi 0

oh I was too caught up in being anti sexist that I missed the fact that OP is a chick. facepaint still roolz :D

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59- K is annoying as ****! sorry if i sound bitchy ._. It's my pet peeve. 66- Karma's a bitch. Pms just encourages it. OP- When you go to a Tanning Salon, they offer you stickers so when the tanning is complete, you just remove the sticker and it's there. People would pay for that.

Sunburns suck. The good news is that you have an awesome lizard shaped spot on your face.

rawrbrains 0

How is this an FML? I want a ******* gecko face

das really epic. works with magic markers too, dont see why thats an fml op. having a gecko on ur cheek is pretty intense

yellowfeet 0

ydi for not wearing sunscreen on your face. you can get skin cancer!!! and everyone who says "that's cool, this is not an fml" is dumb. the paint probably covered half her face so now she looks like a freak. haha

shihtzupup98 3

uh I beg to differ. karma is what u get when u act like a bitch

Barrientos432 5
FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

3- I bet gieco would pay for people to do that for advertisment. I heard on the radio a brewery gave someone free beer for life cuz they got their logo tattooed on themself. that would be awesome to get free car insurance for getting the gieco geico tattoo.

CiaranPM 0

yay first. And OP that's kinda funny.

sammehsaurus 0

Haha hey some people pay good money for stuff like that. I'm jealous :P

hatchet765 0

hahah just write geico (howeva its spelt) above it 1)itll make sense 2)advertising!

3mi1y_ 16

OMG THAT'S SO COOL! don't complain! :D

Schizomaniac 24

That's pretty badass if you ask me. Well, actually, I'd still think it was badass even if you didn't ask me.