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Today, my pet rat had babies. We've only ever owned one rat. FML
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Did you buy it when it was pregnant?

Serafie 0

Misread the FML as "rabies" and was confused for a long time until I read the comments.


Did you buy it when it was pregnant?

Your rat is a wh••e. ;(

nates0210 0

maybe he just has a really nasty place and rats sneak in and bang his rat when he's not looking.

be careful everyone, because The Jesus of Rats is born.

Samir30Days 0

Kill the babies. stuff 'em all in a mouse trap and close it shut. Hard. Or feed them to a snake. (:

all hail rat jesus!

texas_justice 0, your rat's name is... Mary?

ooo, she prob had a "friend" hiding in ur pantry and #86, why the hell would it be the rat of jesus? dont u mean mary? still pretty stupid

@118 he said Jesus of Rats not rat of Jesus. Those are two completely different things. He is saying the baby will Jesus.

lol well mary wasa hoe

well said drips.

silentsniper441 0

I thought it was snail vid ever

Ur = your U = you It really isn't difficult to type the words out. Also, learn how to use punctuation, please.


rjhoney 0

grammer Nazi?

Skullcrusher 5

This ain't an FML. How did that Fuck Your Life? If your life rotates around a rat you have no life.

DogmaT_fml 4

SnickaDOODOO im stepping in it ahhh

ydi for having a rat as a pet

ninja_ness 3

but now she will have bazzilions of rats once they keep screwing each other be happy! ^•^

are you an idiot? it's an fml that he just realized he's got rats in his house. (how do you think the rat got preggers if not from another rat??!)

why would you have a pet rat?

hotscar 3

it's that the op has to be infested wig rats for the owned rat to get pregnant

ninja_ness 3

#182 I ment the baby rats dick


bcns 0

ur a fucking retard and u should re-read what u wrote because it doesn't make sense

tweetbaby14 18

maybe it's a hermaphrodite rat... you should check I checked my bunny to make sure he was actually a he when I got him because it'd be kinda weird to have a female rabbit named Pablo...

hahaha I love that name

CountDuk 5

that's completely uncalled for... very offensive too

bdrodd 0

@majones. hahaha!

yoogurtisgood 0

This is more of a fuck your rats life. Too bad someone already did!

omg lol I'm really enjoying this thread!!

garuru 4

ok which one of you have been having sex with the rat... dad, mom, little brother timmy

zaharaMeeka 0

snickaDOODOO on yo face b*tch! bahahaha

DogmaT_fml 4

that what happens when u get all up in my grill son.


hahah now she's known as snickadoodoo!

does it come with a book?

read it again...

beware the three wise rats are en route

Pet rats are lovely you moron and super intelligent. More inellligent than you sir ;)

WTF a pet rat?

All4UandOnlyU 4

oh dear, I thought snickerdoodle was bad.....what's worse is someone who has no creativity to come up with there own fml name, and then take half of the most annoying bitch in fml's name and make it your name and then also becoming a grammer nazi(sp)! you pathetic person. I know it's harsh but it's only the truth and we all know it. oh yah op FYL

that darn snickerdoodle. couldnt keep to itself (i dont of thats a guy or girl) its a shame...

DogmaT_fml 4

lol snickadoodoo got modded.

Blame your dad.

So, are they ALL messiahs or just one...?

ydi for having a pet rat!

that darn snickerdoodles cant keep to ITself. ya thats right snickerdoodles is an IT

That's wonderful - my rats had babies many times when I was a kid. They are just so cute and fun, when they get to about 4-6 weeks you can sell them to your local pet shop. It's really no big deal. Your rat was either preggers when you bought it or it escaped through a hole in its cage (they are really good at that) and did it with a feral rat in your yard. big deal. enjoy your rat babes whilst you can. they are gorgeous.

who has a pet rock?

when my uncle owned a reptile store he adopted a feeder rat because if you put hom next to his cage he would climb in and if you left him on a tble he would stay there. he also spent the night in an easily escapabe cadboard box once. great littlle bugger.

beccabites 0


DogmaT_fml 4

woah indeed.

You has da boobies. Uhhhhhh

hell ya woah :) Is this picture actually you? or someone else

Great, more people drooling over a pic....

heh heh heh :)

sugarbabyxoxo 2

beccabites your pretty :)

Gumblebum100 0

sugarbabyxoxo I bet your looking at her face and I'm happy that you are because the other people are looking south..... unless you are too then that's a little creepy

not creepy kinky and if so invite me over

if she doesn't want us to look south, then she wouldn't have included them in the pic! :/

dude. I don't give two shits what you say. obviously this chick wanted to show the world, otherwise she wouldve covered up or chosen a different pic. quit being a 10 year old and grow up.

sharpl916 0

creepy with dim lights

that comment was to 224

DogmaT_fml 4

its called the dirty south for a reason.

get a snake.. problem solved

purplemnm 9

you most likely bought it from the store pregnant. happened to me once, it was terrible.

Lordlucian 0

Aparently you have more than 1 rat xD

Y'all keep rats as pets?


purplemnm 9

it was a hamster, I bought her coz her was fat and hilarious looking...a few weeks later was really messy too bleh!

you bought her cuz she was fat and hilarious looking... lmfao, that's ironic xD

purplemnm 9

I know xD

I think u missed his point...

lol dude the thing on ur head!!!

lmfao! That's horrible. But so hilarious.

I feel bad laughing at that.

don't, I mean come on...WTF??'

purplemnm 9

Dave that is a birth SHOULD feel like shit for laughing at that. hint: there's no ice water

I was talking about what #197 said.

purplemnm 9

um...ok? it wasn't really a joke...right?

wht!!! the orange hat is a birth defect!!! enlighten me plz!!! :S

kirakira333 0

^^^ that just made me LOL, literally XD

The fact that you don't understand the joke only makes it funnier.

purplemnm 9

it's uglyorangehatism...rare...

This has happened to me with hamsters.

Serafie 0

Misread the FML as "rabies" and was confused for a long time until I read the comments.

htownlove 0

lol nice to know i'm not the only one who misread "babies", thinking it was "rabies"

chibikari 0

Haha, me too. I think that's a better FML.

Me, too! I want to bump chests with all of you.

I saw rabies 3x when I read it.

LOL the same here! I wonder why so many people misread it, though?

bluesclues72 0

me to!

omg I'm not the only one >.< mis read it twice. then I was like oh babies :D

mirkatsboss 0

yeah I thought it said rabies and I looked at other comments and I got all confused and I'm like WTF why do rats get rabies from being prego haha

deoxylophone 0

Pet rats are way cleaner than feral rats. Feral rats are exposed to far more diseases.

maybe we all missread it because it had rat and babies close together?hmm.

RevengeOnYou 0

lol, i took one glance and quickly went back and was like: wait, RABIES?! O.O

One more person here who saw "rabies".

Me too, pro'lly since the word "rats" conincides with rabies.

ahahaha I thought it said rabies too.

LOL, I read it as rabies too. I read the comments and I was confused. . .I read the FML again, paused for a moment, then I was like " Oh ! now I get it".


yep, me too.

hunter989 0

I think they mightve corrected it bc its pretty hard to believe all of us saw rabies haha

lol, I had to read it twice too, misread 'rabies'. and whyTF would anyone in their right mind get a rat as a pet?! =/

Rats rarely have rabies. @OP She probably came from the store pregnant. Pet shops are usually really bad about separating by gender. Try and sell/give the babies back to the store or put them up for adoption online. Also, rats are very social animals and can get depressed if they don't have a rat friend. You should keep one of her daughters so she doesn't get lonely. Two rats won't cost anymore than one.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Good to know I'm not the only one :P

Jesus, did all of us read it as rabies?

I read "rabies" too, but I just finished "Rant" by Chuck Palahniuk so I've got it on my mind... Yeah, rats don't have rabies, they have the bubonic plague. Get it right, people!!! @172, you mean, "RAT Jesus, did all of us read it as rabies?" ;P

Of course, that's exactly what I meant.... (hides blonde look)

holyyy I read it as rabies as well! and I was really sure of it, since I read it over a couple times. I was like, rabies?! but then after I refreshed the page I read it as babies. HMMM

I saw rabies too. glad to know I'm not the only one.

Gumblebum100 0

EXACTLY what happened to me #4

haha me too!

lol same here

MadaZer0 8

What does FML mean? old r u?!

@mada ... it means you should punch yourself in the face repeatedly. Commence punching now.

aha... #267 is funny

Yep, I saw it as rabies too.


and the line continues. I'm pretty sure I read rabbies to. next thing you know it's gonna be. today, I put my car in shitt... oposed to today, I put my car in shift.

MadaZer0 8

I knew I'd get some dirty comments ;)

I read "rabies" as well! Thought I was just being an idiot :( When I re-read it carefully, I noticed it said "babies". Compared to "rabies", I'm sure "babies" aren't such a big FML... xD

I thought it said rabies, and I was like 'Why would only having one rat affect it having rabies?'

chocobunnyyumyum 0

i swore it said rebies...

chocobunnyyumyum 0

i mean rabies!!!

sorry MadaZero. it had to be done.

This FML was horribly worded.

purplemnm 9

you look like David Archuleta...I hate David Archuleta...

hahaha yeah you do.

It's not only horribly worded, it's not a FML. All the OP needs to do is take a knife to the baby rats, and call them supper.

Mmmmm, rats with a side of stuffed grasshoppers.

chocobunnyyumyum 0


Ugly Betty!

@#12 Well I'm glad you hate people for their horrible singing skills and not their looks............ You do, right? Right? Please say yes! lol

David Archuleta is a great singer. Stop taking hookah hits brudda.

that's so weird.

You have an asexual rat, what is your problem, make that rodent famous like Rizzo. (probably spelled it wrong)

chocobunnyyumyum 0

lol :P

At least someone got the joke.

I think the implication here is that he's got feral rats he doesn't know about in his house. Are the babies all white? If they are, I'd complain to the store, since that was their probable location.

mj2123 0

Hermaphro-rat! Seriously, it probably was already pregnant when you bought it. Though now I wonder how long youve had this rat, since the phrasing makes it sound as though this isn't a new pet... Yeah, and I read "rabies" at first and had to reread.

boatkicker 4

Aren't hermaphrodites usually sterile?

Smh for owning a rodent. We kill them things in New York.

Wtf? My comment moved down all of a sudden.

That's what I was thinking... I hate them!!

thoughtcrimeno1 0

backup food supply?