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  tweetbaby14  |  17

maybe it's a hermaphrodite rat... you should check I checked my bunny to make sure he was actually a he when I got him because it'd be kinda weird to have a female rabbit named Pablo...

  All4UandOnlyU  |  4

oh dear, I thought snickerdoodle was bad.....what's worse is someone who has no creativity to come up with there own fml name, and then take half of the most annoying bitch in fml's name and make it your name and then also becoming a grammer nazi(sp)! you pathetic person. I know it's harsh but it's only the truth and we all know it. oh yah op FYL

  zen_fml  |  0

That's wonderful - my rats had babies many times when I was a kid. They are just so cute and fun, when they get to about 4-6 weeks you can sell them to your local pet shop. It's really no big deal. Your rat was either preggers when you bought it or it escaped through a hole in its cage (they are really good at that) and did it with a feral rat in your yard. big deal. enjoy your rat babes whilst you can. they are gorgeous.

  owencgray  |  10

when my uncle owned a reptile store he adopted a feeder rat because if you put hom next to his cage he would climb in and if you left him on a tble he would stay there. he also spent the night in an easily escapabe cadboard box once. great littlle bugger.

  Gumblebum100  |  0

sugarbabyxoxo I bet your looking at her face and I'm happy that you are because the other people are looking south..... unless you are too then that's a little creepy

  harryman04  |  0

dude. I don't give two shits what you say. obviously this chick wanted to show the world, otherwise she wouldve covered up or chosen a different pic. quit being a 10 year old and grow up.

  iAlwaysYDI  |  0

LOL, I read it as rabies too. I read the comments and I was confused. . .I read the FML again, paused for a moment, then I was like " Oh ! now I get it".

  madeleinemai  |  4

Rats rarely have rabies.

She probably came from the store pregnant. Pet shops are usually really bad about separating by gender. Try and sell/give the babies back to the store or put them up for adoption online.

Also, rats are very social animals and can get depressed if they don't have a rat friend. You should keep one of her daughters so she doesn't get lonely. Two rats won't cost anymore than one.

  ScaryyMary  |  14

I read "rabies" too, but I just finished "Rant" by Chuck Palahniuk so I've got it on my mind...

Yeah, rats don't have rabies, they have the bubonic plague. Get it right, people!!!

@172, you mean, "RAT Jesus, did all of us read it as rabies?" ;P

  velvel  |  7

holyyy I read it as rabies as well! and I was really sure of it, since I read it over a couple times. I was like, rabies?! but then after I refreshed the page I read it as babies. HMMM

  firecopy  |  6

and the line continues. I'm pretty sure I read rabbies to. next thing you know it's gonna be. today, I put my car in shitt... oposed to today, I put my car in shift.

  EmilyJEG  |  0

I read "rabies" as well! Thought I was just being an idiot :( When I re-read it carefully, I noticed it said "babies". Compared to "rabies", I'm sure "babies" aren't such a big FML... xD

By  katplayer  |  4

I think the implication here is that he's got feral rats he doesn't know about in his house. Are the babies all white? If they are, I'd complain to the store, since that was their probable location.

By  mj2123  |  0


Seriously, it probably was already pregnant when you bought it. Though now I wonder how long youve had this rat, since the phrasing makes it sound as though this isn't a new pet...

Yeah, and I read "rabies" at first and had to reread.