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Today, I got pulled over for a busted tail light. The officer gave me a warning and told me to fix it. Ten minutes later I was pulled over again for the same busted tail light by the same cop. This time he wrote me a ticket. FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I believe 34 is referring to an actual warning - a slip that is like a ticket but not as formal and says WARNING across it. I don't know about any time limit rule but if true, the warning slip would be sufficient proof.


Even if you fight the ticket, you're going to lose SOMEHOW one way or another. If you happen to win, the cop will be the biggest douche whenever and if he sees you/remembers you... Every time...

  fmlallthetyme  |  23

To asmith - what do you mean by no record? All police cars have on board cameras. If the same cop pulled him over twice, it will be on video. As such, it would not just be OP's word versus the officers.

  TheDrifter  |  23

If you are given a repair ticket you are to drive directly to a repair shop or other safe place to repair the defect. You have (here anyhow) 30 days to submit proof of repair. If op shrugged off the warning and went about their day it was like asking to be ticketed.

  herrobear  |  0

126, you're not very educated are you? No OP, contrary to what 126 wrote, you are not likely to lose this in court. If you show that you repaired the taillight within a few days, they'll most likely wave the ticket. It's what they call a "fix-it ticket."

  nature_girl_08  |  14

#74: even if they don't have a slip of paper, all traffic stops are recorded to ensure that the cops do what they're supposed to, and for evidence in case something happens, like this. OP could easily request the footage to be shown in court and fight the ticket. but if the ticket isn't that much, i'd say just pay it, because it'd be easiest.

  yahoowizard  |  16

Well, apparently you can't be a cop if you're smart. They make you take some intelligence test beforehand and if you score beyond a number, you're ineligible.


Perhaps he called his warning in, and his betters ordered him to give OP the ticket. Many times it's not the actual traffic officer who does that, it's their bosses who are the dicks.

  EvilTwerp  |  12

Yeah. If the cop was following OP, then it's illegal for him to give them a ticket. However, if he chose a different route and still met up with OP, that's perfectly fine.

  bamagrl410  |  31

Also in some states, you cannot receive a penalty for the same violation in the same day (like if it's something wrong with your vehicle). If it was a written warning and then a ticket, all OP has to do is take it to court. However if it was a verbal warning then that really sucks.

  markrs  |  0

The cop wanted OP's number. The cop was so intrigued by OP that the cop just had to see OP once more. Geo (the cop) followed OP and resisted temptation to pull OP over again. But the resistance was as thin as string. Geo (the cop) rushed to pull OP over again. Geo (the cop), quivering with excitement, asked OP to step out of the car for a needed inspection. Geo (the cop) patted OP down, slowly caressing OP's body...Then Geo (the cop) noticed OP's third boob. Geo (the cop) gave OP a ticket for a broken light. The End. :p