By drewig - 10/05/2010 05:28 - United States

Today, I was driving home from work when I was pulled over by a cop. She asked why I was being pulled over and figuring she knew I said, "For swerving because of my alcohol problem." I had a broken tail light. FML
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You so deserve it for driving while you KNOW you're drunk enough to swerve.

Don't drink and drive; you might spill the drink.


what does that have to do with your crappy driving?

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He was really drunk, but the cop pulled him over for the tail light. OP - Dude, you know you ALWAYS answer no to those questions. Antiflood can suck it.

OP thought he was being pulled over for bad driving but he was actually pulled over for having a broken tail light. YDI. If you weren't drunk, you wouldn't be volunteering damaging information. Hope you got arrested.

Better yet, beat him to it. Before he has a chance, ask him why you were pulled over.

As a defense lawyer friend of mine always says, "DONT CONFESS!"

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Lmao! WOW! Really sucks for ya mate.

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Huge YDI for trying to think you could score with her by being honest. Yeah, women like honesty, but they usually are more concerned if a guy is retarded before anything else. That's what you get for trying to bite your ear while driving.

what does it matter that it was a female cop?

"Do you know why you were pulled over?" "Yes" "Well, are you going to say it?" "Do you want me to?" "Not really, that's not normal" "I don't care" "No, it's best if you don't" "No, I'm telling" "Please don't" "I will, I don't care" "No, I want to say it" And then at the same time- (You-I've-have-been-a broken-dwiving-taillight-dwunk) And a song-Naaah.

why do cops even ask you why they poles you over

Cops would not assume an "alcohol problem" before issuing a breathalyzer and other tests. This whole thing seems quite unlikely.

oh wait, nevermind, read the FML wrong. You're a ******* moron for driving drunk.

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you're a dumbass for driving drunk, that was incredibly dumb to tell her that too!

Reyo 2

It's, like, rule number 1 that you don't admit ANYTHING when asked questions by authority figures, bro. It's always a trap...ALWAYS.

Like Chris Rock says, "when pulled over, SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

seriously. never admit to anything. talking can only hurt, never help. and don't drive drunk....

y did u say tht? say idk cop cuz im sooo sexy

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first a field sobriety test then the breathalyzer op really shoulda jus kept his mouth shut.

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33 has a LOT of time on his hands

38, b/c morons like this one fall for it.

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yay do it man op a dumb ass

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The cop is dumb. If he was swerving his car wouldn't the cop notice? Oh no, he noticed just The back of the car? WTH?

Always remember the 5th amendment

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stupid flood protection...

play dumb until the end man!

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Agreed that's the only sane thing to do deny deny

Maybe she didn't notice his crappy driving and pulled him over for the light. He told her about the alcohol problem. I'm guessing he was charged with a DWI.

YDI for leaving trash on your car

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109- driving while intoxicated

YDI for driving when you have a drinking problem. Moron!

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Well this comment is retarded.. I have a drinking problem but never drive drunk, but according to you I shouldn't drive at all? Yeaaa ok.

Looks like you're the moron #7.

Don't drink and drive; you might spill the drink.

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brilliantv advice

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I like the way u think

I always say, "Isn't this just routine?"

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hahaha female cops na im jk

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they took our jobs!!??!?!!!?!?

61 shut up because there are a lot of female cops who can do the job just as well. Andrea penoyer from police women of broward could probably tackle you easily. I hope you have a run in with one soon so you can see that women can do the job just as well as men can.

heyyyaubrey 9

you ******* idiot..its from a goddamn south park episode jesus how dumb can one person be.. also FEMINIST

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you deserve to get a ticket just for saying that you dickk

just act clueless it works everytime!!!!!!!!!