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By NotoriousSRJ - 28/01/2011 15:43 - Canada

Today, I got pulled over by a cop. Since my window wasn't working, I opened the door, causing him to run towards me with a drawn gun. He then had a go at me with his night stick. After realizing my window was broken, he laughed and let me off with a warning. FML
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Where I'm from, you would have been tasered, shot, body cavity searched, beaten, shot, fined for the broken window, laughed at, shot, and arrested for resisting arrest.

see the problem with gun control Is that bad people don't really obey the rules so then u have a whole bunch of armed criminals running around and decent people have no way to defend themselves


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see the problem with gun control Is that bad people don't really obey the rules so then u have a whole bunch of armed criminals running around and decent people have no way to defend themselves

Then why isnt there more gun related crimes in Countries with gun control? Shouldnt the bad guys been running wild with their illegally obtained guns?

Same here, in Germany you can of course open your car door without being shot by a police officer.

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NYC does have the toughest gun laws, and gun crime has significantly gone down in the past 10 years. Seems like it's working to me.

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People control? How does allowing anyone who gets the slightest pissed off shoot their way through an argument, or kill some politician they don't like amount to people control? Remember Tombstone? That's what lack of gun control becomes. I have no problem with the police having guns. Yes, there are lots of law abiding citizens with guns who don't abuse them, but there are also lots of assholes who do. When they kill someone, there's no recourse for the person that's dead, and the living can make up whatever story they want.

"Gun control laws don't control guns, they disarm potential victims." (quote by Thomas Sowell) Vermont has the least stringent gun control laws in the U.S. and rank 49th of 50 in lowest crime rates. Texas saw its crime rate drop 50% faster than the nation as a whole since the concealed-carry law was passed in 1994. According to a New York Times report, in 1973 there were 28,000 licensed lawfully possessed guns in NY, while there was an estimated 1.3 million illegally possessed guns.

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New York City crime rate dropped also. One can argue both sides of the statistics.

That's true. I don't own a gun, but personally I believe people should have that right. By percentage, police shoot and kill people who are not consider "criminal" at a far greater clip than do civilians.

Yep, in Australia, it's normal to get out of a car straight away when you get pulled over. Frankly, if I was a cop, I'd want someone out in the open, where I could see what they were doing, rather than inside a car where anything could be hidden.

you do notice he didnt use the gun? how the **** would gun control stop a nightstick beatdown? gun control freaks just open their mouth every time they want a message spread...

179 - You are incredibly stupid. The argument was that in an area with strict gun control a cop would not fear he's about to be shot at all times and therefore wouldn't go apeshit over nothing. It's not a particularly good argument but it's astonishing you managed to misinterpret it.

there is a major flaw in the argument that everyone should eb able to get it because the "bad guys" will get them illegally anyway. that is that the only reason said "bad guys" can get them at all because you flood the market with them the way you do. further more "bad guys"... i think you see a few too many crime dramas. do you really belive there is a mass of people out there buying guns for the express reson to do crime with them? no most gun related crime is comited because someone had a weak moment and was in possesion of a gun. sure some times tradgedy does strike and we have ruthless criminals doing a planed insane attack on inocent people. how often have these situations been saved by civilians shooting up the place? heck where i live only the police and the army have acsess to guns. and out of our 5 million poupulation we have about a few hundred gun related crimes a year. does anywhere in america have that statistic? i belive not. all because the country as a wholle have no gun control worth anything. sad truth is you country is beyond saveing at this point so all you can do is arm yourself and become on of the next mindless drones in line to make the problem stay forever.

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That's happened to my dad before, his window didn't work either.. You police are wired as!!

Actually I believe everybody here, and all other people are missing the reason we ever had to the right own guns. if you dont know, we got that right because the government ever took away our natural right, we the people could overthrow the government. its called a social contract, we give up certain rights (they are called laws) for protection of pur natural rights. if we didnt have guns and the government got out of hands how woukd we ever stop it, run in with our fists? yes people abuse guns, and we have laws to deal with them, but we always have the right to coup the government if they take away our natural rights.

Ok I know this FML was like 5 years ago but I'm from Australia and we aren't allowed to carry firearms around anywhere or pretty much do anything with a gun unless it's just using them at a firing range. I think the difference is that countries with lower gun laws make it A LOT easier for people to access for example, their parent's firearm or what not. Over here there are barely many gun related incidents yet alone things escalating to something as bad as a school shooting (which I think the last in Australia happened 1997). Young people might overreact at times and make rash choices quickly without thinking. It does help making the access to the firearms much more difficult.

I heard from a few sources that most firearm deaths are accidents. That should say something, yeah?

Maybe you should have warned him First. On Second thought, It might have already been too late when you thought to do that.

Rofl bro your from canada U.S cops would have still fined you. Plus thought it was a given to not open the door. and #1 no one has guns? Really? Bet gangs still have guns. Plus doubt it you can open the door.

You get the occasional gun, but most use kitchen knives.

Hey at least it's better than if he had frisked you...

Id rather get frisked than beaten with a club...

How is this an FML? At least you got out of paying for a ticket. Next time put your hands up so that he knows your unarmed.

Maybe I should come over to your place, point a loaded gun at you, beat the shit out of you with a nightstick, then ask you if it didn't ruin your day.

Wouldn't be the same, but I'd take police brutality or paying a ticket. Bruises heal.

I'm not sure egging on the mods is such a smart move, bruh.

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He's right, you might get banned for a day or something. It happened to me, and it was the most painstaking 24 hours of my life. I basically just crawled under my bed and assumed the fetal position waiting for said ban to end. I now know never to question the all-powerful mods and their godlike comment moderating/editing ways. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

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What do you mean "had a go at you with his night stick?" Did he anally violate you, or is this some sort of Lady Gaga or ZZ Top reference? Canadian cops with guns -- ha-ha! You really had me goiñg there.

you really don't know much do you. are you going to tell me you think we all live in igloos too? of course our cops have guns. and they're a hell of a lot nicer then American cops too.

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isn't that a lovely stereotype...

Where I'm from, you would have been tasered, shot, body cavity searched, beaten, shot, fined for the broken window, laughed at, shot, and arrested for resisting arrest.

lol. but really I'm crying. it's so true.

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Doc, I didn't know you lived in New York City. I was once surrounded by 4 cop cars, everyone had their gun drawn and pointed at me. Apparently I "matched the description of a robbery suspect". I didn't manage to ask how they figured that out from just the back of my head, as that's the only thing the cop car trailing me for 5 miles saw, and after looking up my license plate, they should have known the car wasn't stolen. Nobody uses their own car to rob a place.

There's a video of a female police officer who accidentally fires her gun during an arrest, and it misses the guy and the other officer by nothing. It's usually under a title like 'why women shouldn't be cops', but for my money, it should be called 'why pointing loaded guns at people is a bad idea'.

Sounds like somebody can sue. Btw you wouldn't happen to be black would you?

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There should be a comma after 'working'...

I'm going to call BS on this one. What probably happened was he issued a warning for you to either close the door or get back in the vehicle. There is no way in the ******* world a cop from Ontario drew his weapon on an unarmed individual on a routine traffic stop, then went to town on you with the night stick? So he felt threatened enough to draw his weapon, put it back and decided to use the night stick? No cop in Ontario wants to pull his weapon like that. Should that happen it is a paper work nightmare that lasts 3-6 months with the Canadian equivalent of Internal Affairs getting involved to ascertain why the weapon was drawn. This is a blatant lie and if it were true you would have contacted the proper authorities and this would be a large scandal that would have resulted in an investigation likely leading to suspension or termination. Good tall tale. For anyone reading this not Canadian and Canadian for that matter should know that a Police officer, even the dumbass ones will not draw their weapon unless absolutely necessary. And some yahoo opening his car door would not constitute such a response. I doubt this would even happen in the worst parts of LA or Detroit.

This could happen anywhere in America, and if youre black, you may end up dead.