By pissedandcomputerless - United States - Lawrence
Today, I failed on a school presentation because I was not prepared. Apparently, the fact that my computer crapped itself and started giving off smoke last period isn't a good reason for not having my presentation prepared. FML
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  myeviltwin  |  20

You should always back up important documents, pictures etc. I use a three prong back up for important documents. Flash drive, print out and I email myself a copy. Because there is always that chance your computer will crap out or get stolen and those things never happen at a good time (like there ever is a good time for that to happen).

  Kukua  |  5


No, you can't expect computers to crash, but op said this was last period. In other words, he/she waited until the last possible moment to prepare. So, its still his/her fault.

  ohjoy15  |  33

They usually give you a few days to prepare presentations. OP could have used library computers, a friends computer, or even an iPad. You can make presentations with those too. Plenty of ways to get around.

So if I was a teacher, and if someone gave me an excuse along the lines of "My computer broke". I'd pan-fry them.