By pissedandcomputerless - 07/11/2013 18:42 - United States - Lawrence

Today, I failed on a school presentation because I was not prepared. Apparently, the fact that my computer crapped itself and started giving off smoke last period isn't a good reason for not having my presentation prepared. FML
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It ain't, back ya shit up

I have a feeling a flash drive could have saved the presentation.


Oh. that really stinks OP... it gave off smoke???

OP should of had a back up system. Something to fall back on.

imo if you arent saving projects on a usb youre doing something wrong.

ya I get side tracked by YouTube and craigslist

Duuuuude you shouldn't have gotten a Dell!

myeviltwin 20

You should always back up important documents, pictures etc. I use a three prong back up for important documents. Flash drive, print out and I email myself a copy. Because there is always that chance your computer will crap out or get stolen and those things never happen at a good time (like there ever is a good time for that to happen).

@36 No, you can't expect computers to crash, but op said this was last period. In other words, he/she waited until the last possible moment to prepare. So, its still his/her fault.

It ain't, back ya shit up

This honestly sounds like a poor excuse for somebody who slumped off until last minute and then exaggerated a story of how it didn't get completed YDI

They usually give you a few days to prepare presentations. OP could have used library computers, a friends computer, or even an iPad. You can make presentations with those too. Plenty of ways to get around. So if I was a teacher, and if someone gave me an excuse along the lines of "My computer broke". I'd pan-fry them.

I have a feeling a flash drive could have saved the presentation.

You should go talk to guidance counselor/principal. That's not cool

Lol. The principal isn't going to hold his hand and help him through it. This is a YDI

What did you do to your computer to make it give off smoke…?

You should have stuck with 'the dog ate it'

tompou6 19

That is an excuse, your teacher is just an idiot

No, you're just a student who has yet to discover the responsibilities of real life.

"But teacher, my computer was smoking!" "What's next, the dog ate my homework?"

Teacher: "Your computer was smoking? You think I'm responsible for your computer's drug habits?"

well....your teacher is an asshole

Perhaps you should've tried hitting it? Maybe swearing while pacing the room?