By Mike - 17/12/2009 16:38 - United States

Today, I got in an elevator at a hotel. Just as the door was closing, somebody banged into the door and stuck their hand through. I yelled, "What, are you retarded?!" The doors then opened to reveal a mentally handicapped boy with his parents standing behind him. FML
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jgrl180 0

that's pretty much rude whether or not the person's retarded.


:O well u should of acted like if u were on the phone or something................. but yea u were screwed........... :D anyways the pizza still taste good

the retard deserved it. win

#104, you deserve to BE retarded. OP, you didn't really know so I cant really say YDI. Did the parents yell at you for it though?

May525XoXo 8

No he didn't you a** hole.

May525XoXo 8

this is referring to 104

I hate on retards. Its just so fun...

energyphuck 0

damn dude. Fail.

SentrySarcasm 0

Time to take the stairs, I think.

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retard is an unfortunate word for people with a mental illness


you sound like Hitler bitch

Stupid is as stupid does.

isaiaha11 2

yay go forrest gump

jgrl180 0

that's pretty much rude whether or not the person's retarded.

nonynony 0

was just gonna say this

Too true. Who would you have comfortable sharing an elevator ride with after screaming that at them? If it was some little old lady, you'd have been fine with it?

Funny. Because I wasn't there.

that sounds like something I would do on accident. oops! FYL

YDI for being an asshole...