By MetalAtlas - 02/03/2010 03:31 - United States

Today, I spent a wonderful day with my girlfriend. I got her everything she wanted, and drained my wallet. On the walk home she noticed a license plate that had an ex-girlfriend's name on it. She saw me looking and accused me of still being in love with my ex, and stormed off. After throwing salad in my face. FML
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metalatlas tells us more.

metalatlas 0

being the OP i thought i'd elaborate- my gf is bi-polar so she can't help things like that- it was an ex that i no longer care about which is all f them and i spent the day buying her stuff because she saw little things she liked and i like buying her things and making her happy. were still dating and doing just fine i just thought this one incident was fml worthy

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denbeste 3

Sell the magic breakup-salad on E-bay!


I don't know that that's conceited so much as insecure.

she's a bitch and doesnt deserve you.

that is a bitch move! is she blonde? cuz if she is that explains everything, dramatic response to the littlest thongs like looking at the name of ur ex. Bitch move!

Megan98 18

What does being blonde have to do with anything?

denbeste 3

Sell the magic breakup-salad on E-bay!

YDI for buying her everything she wanted.

agreed... next time don't pamper so much... she is still a person and if you're that whipped that early on I think it's safe to say in a few weeks she will be the one with the pants

fmlwinnn 0

"that early on"? No one knows how long they've been dating. They couldve been dating for 8 years and about to get married. Don't assume.

fmlwinnn 0
denbeste 3

Sell the magic breakup-salad on E-bay!

madskillz3088 0

never buy a girl everything she wants!!!! Cause then she'll want more,....Duhhh!! she threw the salad In ur face cause it had the wrong dressing.. :P

wairdt 5

She's probably cheating herself. That kind of behavior shouldn't be tolerated.

Where do you guys find these kind of girls? Seriously! I tear myself up slightly every time someone buys me something. Also, a girl that comes to that kind of conclusion has no kind of business being in a relationship since she's that insecure and outrageous. I only hope you take this as a sign that you can do better, because, quite frankly, you can.

I think it falls under some what some might call a "nice guy" category. You can be a loving, caring boyfriend with a spine, just like a girl can be a loving, respecting, reasonable girlfriend. If this was serious, the "love" was just just built off silly things anyway. I'd just take it as a sign to move on and grow up. There's better, less insecure people out there. Note, to anyone who might want to start a fight over this, I'm not meaning that all nice guys are like this. Just a few who think they belong in the "nice guy" category when they're really too insecure with themselves, let girls walk all over them, and wonder why they can't have a decent relationship.

what is OP and YDI? cud smone explain?

Someone could explain, yes. I'll save you from the being yelled at from the other users, but OP means Original Poster and YDI means You Deserve It. For future reference, it's easier to just look all this stuff up though. Google is handy for a reason.

sarcdude 3

Where we find those kinds of girls, it's usually because those are the girls we attract >_> I remember thinking "why do girls like such /assholes?/" and then it hit me-guys are the same way when it comes to girls, because dudes tend to fall head over for complete biatches.

What is Google? Can someone tell me?

Yarrachel 16

Sucks you couldn't have found out she's a crazy, insecure psycho-bitch before you drained your wallet on her, but its for the best. Fuck her.

x805xUnknown 6

How does that even make sense?