By suuuucks - 11/02/2010 05:03 - United States

Today, I got my new work schedule. I really need the hours. The boss says he can't give me more because the economy is bad. However, he did find enough hours to hire his son last week. This week? Most of my hours were erased and given to the new employee; his daughter. FML
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He doesn't seem favoritive at all... Sucks even more if it's a small business since there's virtually no one to contact to complain to.

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Like the OP will get anywhere with the BBB, but I guess it's worth a shot.

I think you havea deacent case. That has got to be against some law. Or maby some top management will fire him for that

it's a shitty practice, but it's completely legal

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legal but completely unfair! the economy is bad so he forgets others for his kids.. what an effing jerk. other ppl meed jobs too

How the **** is that unfair? In tough times, the guy gives priority to those who mean most to him. That's what people have been doing since the dawn of man, and for pretty damn good evolutionary reasons. If the OP had some marketable skills, she wouldn't be so easily replaceable.

It could also be a Family business... in which case it wouldn't make sense NOT to give his kids more hours....

not if OP is a better worker than they are, if so you might have a case

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well I'm his other daughter and I'll be filling the last position.

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to OP's daughter: thats stupid. completely.

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It isn't the OPs daughter my friend.. IRONY

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someone who actually needs that spot could fill it. it shouldnt be family!

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Unemployment benefits have been extended to over a year. I think they stand at about 60 weeks now. Their are already plans to extend them more.

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OP should apply for partial unemployment benefits. If he isn't getting the hours he was hired on for, anyway. And yes, contact the Department of Labor over that illegal discrimination. I have seen this happen, and it sucks. FYL.

@Snickerdoodle. What good is a job if you get no hours? I'd rather get paid to look for a better job, aka unemployment... time to get fired.

He is acting perfectly reasonably given the economy... if it is not legal, it definitely should be. Everyone should be able to hire whoever he wants for whatever reason. "Labour board" sounds like something out of USSR. Of course, it sucks to be on the losing end of free market, so FYL

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yeah Russia is doing really well with capitalism.