By suuuucks - / Thursday 11 February 2010 05:03 / United States
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  SheriffBart  |  0

How the fuck is that unfair? In tough times, the guy gives priority to those who mean most to him. That's what people have been doing since the dawn of man, and for pretty damn good evolutionary reasons. If the OP had some marketable skills, she wouldn't be so easily replaceable.

By  AlterEggo  |  0

OP should apply for partial unemployment benefits. If he isn't getting the hours he was hired on for, anyway. And yes, contact the Department of Labor over that illegal discrimination. I have seen this happen, and it sucks. FYL.

By  Good_old_Grim  |  8

He is acting perfectly reasonably given the economy... if it is not legal, it definitely should be. Everyone should be able to hire whoever he wants for whatever reason. "Labour board" sounds like something out of USSR.

Of course, it sucks to be on the losing end of free market, so FYL

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