By DetergentFrog6 - 07/04/2014 20:54 - United States - Rahway

Today, while playing basketball, my friend thanked me for passing the ball to him. I was too embarrassed to tell him that that was me shooting. FML
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Hey, fake it 'till you make it.


Seems rather poorly played in my opinion.

Passing off a botched attempt at shooting as a pass seems like a win to me. But fyl, OP, I can sympathize with lack of skill in sports

lexi365 20

That teamwork though

Hey, fake it 'till you make it.

fooltemptress 36

Did he at least score off the pass?

Nah, he went for a dunk from halfway, then pretended he was playing NBA Jam. "He's on fire!"

At least he thinks you handle balls well ;)

Inadvertent deception is one of your new skills!

I guess that balances out the lack of basketball skill

ariiewilliams 17

Not everyone is good at basketball.

Hey, at least your failure served a separate purpose, regardless of your skill

Just laugh it off! Maybe he'll offer to help you improve c:

Time to practice