By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I was planning on enjoying my one day off work from the hospital, at home. I got a call saying I had to come in because my department was short-handed. I went in to find almost everyone there. Turns out it was a prank by my coworkers. FML
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  AssTard  |  15

Although that's a shitty thing for your co-workers to do, I'm sure it didn't absolutely wreck your day. You definitely didn't deserve it, so I guess FYL??? (Although your life is far from fucked).

  spekledworf  |  18

I've had something similar happen when I changed departments at work and everyone knew how much I missed my old department so a manager told me they were extremely busy and needed me in for my old department. I rushed over with joy and then was told it was a joke... but they apreciated the enthusiam.