By Anonymous - 05/11/2012 17:33 - Australia

Today, I was planning on enjoying my one day off work from the hospital, at home. I got a call saying I had to come in because my department was short-handed. I went in to find almost everyone there. Turns out it was a prank by my coworkers. FML
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that's not even a prank that's ****** up lmao

Your coworkers are assholes. Sorry OP


that's not even a prank that's ****** up lmao

JocelynKaulitz 28

Well now you can enjoy the rest of your day ;)

Get revenge; stick a cardio-pulse-reader-sticky-thingy to each of their eyebrows.

I have to ask, why would #1 say lmao at the end if it wasn't supposed to be funny :/

Although that's a shitty thing for your co-workers to do, I'm sure it didn't absolutely wreck your day. You definitely didn't deserve it, so I guess FYL??? (Although your life is far from ******).

Or, 34, OP could make sure that the coworkers end up spending a few months in said hospital...

Or OP could tell them they missed their kid's birthday for this, and walk away leaving them to feel guilty!

Your coworkers are assholes. Sorry OP

Did doc bastard write this? Sorry for the thread jack

No. I don't get days off. Yay.

spekledworf 18

I've had something similar happen when I changed departments at work and everyone knew how much I missed my old department so a manager told me they were extremely busy and needed me in for my old department. I rushed over with joy and then was told it was a joke... but they apreciated the enthusiam.

Time to call one or two of your cow-orkers to tell them that their shifts were cancelled at the last minute, then watch them get canned for missing their shifts.

StalkerChick 13

At least you didn't have to stay and work. Go back home and put your phone on silent.

scotthearne 9

That stinks:/ sorry OP

That's awful, FYL. Now the the question is what shall you do to make their lives ****'d?! Surely this calls for retribution!

doglover100 28

That sucks.

Well yeah, that's why it's on FML.

sugarshane007 20

Congratulations, you've learned the meaning of F My Life.

chunkalicious 7

I can't help but to get reminded of Scrubs reading your post.

Look at it this way, maybe they missed you and wanted to see you again. You never know, one of those co-workers might be your significant other.

You're thinking too hard.

Even if that were true chances are OP wouldn't have the same feeling back after that incident.

soullessgingers 0

Get them back. I'm sure there's something that you can do to make them regret it.

Well, on your way home go to the store and buy some eggs and egg their houses. A prank for a prank, right?