By angrystudent - 07/03/2016 22:47 - United States - Franklin

Today, I spent all day doing a project for myself and then for a friend who's sick. Turned out it was a prank everyone in the class was pulling on me. I missed a baseball game because of it. FML
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Some classmates you have... :/ Tell a teacher?

RedCronos 17

No good deed goes unpunished.


RedCronos 17

No good deed goes unpunished.

Some classmates you have... :/ Tell a teacher?

Bonngoo 34

I would assume that "everyone in the classroom" includes the teacher

If I were OP and choose to tell the teacher I'd omit the part of doing my friends project because they were sick. Also if the OP was in college most professors wouldn't care that they were victim of a prank.

You did a project for you and a sick friend? Did you miss class and not know about the project? Sorry I'm just a bit confused. Sorry tho OP. That's not very nice of your classmates

Oh no --- ONE baseball game. How will you ever catch up with your P.E. Class?

dbt88 15

I'm assuming OP meant he was going to go to a game but missed it due to being busy working on projects all day.

I actually thought OP meant he was on the team. Maybe I'm thinking too hard.

#4 You do know that tickets can cost up to $600? That's a lot to waste.

Plus for us normal people who are physically fit, sports are fun :)

Chill it's just a prank, bro. There's a camera right there!

You know... sick friends can get extensions on their work and both of you can be punished for you doing their work. Lucky you it was just a prank...

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A pack of bad friends, you have.

Did you give a copy of the project to your friend, OP? Please tell us you did not.

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Well just look at it this way - you can have the last laugh when you pass your exams/tests with flying colours due to completing the extra study (the fake project).

Turn it in for extra credit? That'll show em!