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  swanheart  |  35

Will doctors write a note for him though? I don't know what the op had that made him unable to work but it might just be a 24hour bug. I know a lot of doctors won't write notes for illnesses unless they cause the person to be off ill for more than 3 days. And if it is just a 24hour thing then the op will be better before he has a chance to go to the docs for testing :-/

If it is a more serious thing then yeah go to the docs. Fight your corner

  lovelockdown23  |  23

Yes doctors do write notes for 24 hour bugs. what they won't do though is write a note for the previous day if you weren't in their office. so if op didnt originally go to the doc then the doc won't vouch that he was actually sick. unless it's a doc he's had for years that trusts him they won't do it.

  lexa1love  |  16

It depends on OPs job. At my place of employment a Doctor's note means nothing. Regardless of the reason you miss (except bereavement) you get a mark.

By  Enkeria  |  30

Get a doctor's note mate. It will save you from a headache at work. Make an appointment with your doctor, or just call stating you need a note, and you'll be set. :)

By  christinamarie17  |  29

Depending on the job and how badly you need a reference, get s doctors note. If the job isn't enough to pay for the doctors visit.... Find something else. Even if it is just a write up you can find something at the same wage/better paying without the hassle.

By  Makko  |  20

He shouldn't do that without real proof. You should still be off work, but without being written up. You can submit a complaint to your bosses boss, that should help:)