By SuzyTurquoiseBlu - 29/08/2012 05:32 - Australia - Fairfield

Today, I received a call from my future sister in-law, telling me that she and her future husband had decided to hold their wedding ceremony on my birthday. I was told not to celebrate my birthday, as it would "take away the attention to the true meaning of the day." FML
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Well, they aren't really liked in the family and I think that its both really rude and sad of them to try and piggy-back their special occasions with mine. My sister in-law and her fiancee got engaged in the waiting room while I was in ACTIVE labour with my daughter and got pissed off that everyone wasn't falling over themselves to congratulate them.

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What a bitch of her. It was your special day first, they can het hitched any other day.

Celebrate it anyways. I hate self centered people.


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The true meaning of the day is your birth into this world , tell her that and have a talk with your brother because she will get a lot worse as time goes on put and end to it now

Throw a massive party with free booze and invite her whole wedding reception.

I agree #14 you should talk to your brother, your birthday cannot be rescheduled, the wedding, however, can. Fyl for having such a bitch in your family

Slip laxatives in her drink

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Tell her to **** off

Show up to the wedding completely polluted in your birthday suit and just walk around and be like, "yup, it's my ****** birthday."

Agree. Tell her off.

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What a bitch of her. It was your special day first, they can het hitched any other day.

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Fuck them

OP if you let them do this, then forget about ever celebrating your birthday again. In the future she'll probably tell you not to celebrate your birthday because it's their anniversary

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Scissor-kick her.

60 - Most couples tend to celebrate their wedding anniversaries with each other not their extended families..

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Scissor-kick her.

I think Op's parents should do something about this. That is not right. What a bitch.

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-60 yep, let's not talk away the REAL meaning of the day, shall we?

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If i was her id would he currently thinking of a way to crash the wedding as we speak..

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121- What the hell did you just say?

182 i think he was trying to say that if he was OP he'd be planning on how to crush the wedding. Which i find very stupid and idiotic because thats her brothers wedding. Birthdays come every year but you don't get married every year.

Bitch much? What a psycho. She's so Bridezilla.

Fuck that bitch. I would throw a big ass party and skip their wedding.

But u have an anniversary where people tell u oh happy anniversary and stuffs. It would suck to have someone say oh happy anniversary and it's your birthday right? Good for u .

183- But don't you find it bitchy that the sister-in-law put it on OP's birthday, knowing that she was doing so, and then had the audacity to say that OP couldn't celebrate their own special day to make for hers? It wouldn't be surprising if OP did try and crash it, regardless of whether it's the right thing to do.

You should wear a gorgeous dress and make yourself so pretty so you can steal the attention from your sister-in-law. That will make her feel extra special:)

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Hell yeah, to wearing extra beautiful stuff, kill with "evil kindness" as was said, attend (kindness) and dress to kill (you get the idea)!! If it were me I'd add subtle hints about it being your bday and really get the party started!! By the way, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY OP!!!! :-D

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Get* not het.

Exactly , they can get hitched another day , but she can have a bday another day so ,

Wear a white dress!

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Celebrate the night before and continue it late night on your bday night! Have a blast OP

Nooooo celebrate your birthday on your birthday. THATS the "true meaning of the day"

The true meaning of it is when you come out of your mom's ******. While your mom screams in pain.

Celebrate it anyways. I hate self centered people.

OP is being self centered. She's not making the already stressful wedding period any easier.

62- Is that really how you see that? FYI, you're as dense as the future sister in-law.

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62 - I can't downvote your stupidity enough. There is no possible way how the sister-in-law could do this except as an insult.

If you can't see any other possibilities, than you guys are the "stupid and dense ones". It's highly possibly that that particular date was the one that worked best. Ever thought of that?? OP could be easily exaggerating and in what world is a birthday more important than a wedding?? As someone currently planning a wedding, it is incredibly stressful and there is always someone complaining about something, no matter how good your intentions are.

Your stupidity astounds me. She could take as long as she wants to plan the wedding. There are 365 days in the year and OP's birthday is the ONLY day that worked? And then she forbids her from celebrating her own goddamned birthday? The arrogance of the sister in law is off the charts.

81- I couldn't agree more. 76- Nope, you're still wrong, and still dense. You sound like one of those girls who INSIST on spending tons of money on a wedding. Love is more important than a wedding, not the wedding itself. So it should be able to be moved around and not on OPs birthday.

I think you're missing the point of the fml. This is an fml because the op was told not to celebrate her bday, not because the wedding is on op's bday.

83 - Amen to that. I'm planning a wedding right now as well. My fiancé and I specifically decided on a two year engagement for this exact reason! We could make sure it doesn't coincide with any bad days (close relative's own special occasions), we could make sure people knew not to plan other trips/events if they want to come, and to spread out the stress. A wedding is only as stressful as you make it.

85- But the wedding IS on their birthday.. "had decided to hold their wedding ceremony on my birthday".

Of course they could have really wanted to have the wedding around the time of OP's birthday and the venue they wanted was only available on that day or something, but that's not the selfish thing about it. She told her sister in law not to celebrate her birthday because all the attention had to be on her. If that's not selfish I don't know what is.

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Seriously 62? I'm 10 days away from my 200 guest outdoor wedding and I've been way more stressed during Finals week while also working a full time job. Wedding planning is as stressful as you make it. And before the assumptions fly, no i don't have rich parents, a lot of money or a wedding planner. I'm doing that all by myself with $2000, clothing included. Sweriously it's a wedding. Not rocket science.

I am definitely not one of those girls having a big fancy wedding! I am having a tiny wedding with less than 50 guests, on a very small budget which we are paying for ourselves and have had 11 month engagement. It isn't automatically MY fault that it's stressful- my family and in laws have made this time absolutely awful. And we have bent over backwards and rescheduled the wedding 3 times to keep them happy. And in the end, you've got to do what makes you happy, no matter what. Because someone will always be unhappy. My point is that, perhaps OP's SIL has done absolutely everything possible to keep everyone happy, and OP is the unlucky one that is left unhappy.

I'm on either side of the fence here. While I agree that the sister in law is a bitch for demanding OP not celebrate, if I was in the same situation, I'd think 'What better way to celebrate my birthday than on one of the happiest days of my brother's life?' Then again, knowing he's marrying a self-centered bitch wouldn't gel well with me. I'm torn, but either way, OP doesn't deserve it.

okay even if you are having a small wedding, you have to be a Hugh **** in order to tell someone that they can't celebrate their birthday cause of your own selfishness. why not make the damn wedding next week? I am engage to this girl and we ain't getting married til two years later and we made sure it didn't fall on someone birthday that is close to us. I don't want to be the asshole friend or family that schedule my wedding on their birthday which they get to celebrate only one day of the year while the people who are getting marry can choose any date...

Like 85 said, the main problem is that the sister in law told OP she can't celebrate her birthday because it would take the attention away from her wedding day. Not just the simple fact the wedding is on her birthday. I don't care how stressful planning a wedding is, you have to be a complete selfish bitch to tell someone not to celebrate their own birthday.

Maybe OP's SIL is selfish. I am just trying to make the point that it's possible that wasn't meant that way and OP is being dramatic... Just keeping an open mind!

Okay 131-You have issues. The fact is and sometimes it sucks but when you are getting married you are marrying the family as well. Not saying you give everything up that's important but that you would show them the same respect you would show your family. This isn't just ignorant to the sister it also is a slap in the face to the mother who gave birth on the same day for her daughter not to be able to celebrate the bday. That is not how you treat family and if she had any respect for her soon to be husband she would not be making problems that there was no need for. Some people need to grow the **** up. It's a wedding not a excuse to be a self centered bitch.

153- have you not read anything I said?? I said that I am keeping an open mind- that's all!! She might be a bitch or OP might be- there's no way to know and I am looking at both possibilities; which no one else is doing. That's all.

156- I think you're confusing "keeping an open mind" with completely ignoring the facts. How is OP being dramatic? Her sister in law told her not to celebrate her birthday. Even if OP was upset about this and wanted to celebrate her birthday anyways, that wouldn't be being dramatic; that would be her celebrating her birthday like she should be able to. If that's even what you are theorizing she is being dramatic about. I just don't see your reasoning behind what you're saying at all.

This is fml, you go with what they post. you go with the fact they give you otherwise we could question every fml. The fact I this one clearly hits you personally so you are taking it personal.

....says the bridezilla, AussieChild.

What right does the sister-in-law have to tell another human being that they can't/shouldn't celebrate their own ******* birthday? She is definitely a self-centered bitch. I would have thrown another separate party for OP and have made it a surprise or something.

165 - You noticed Aussie was taking it personal, as well? I briefly entertained the suspicion that Aussie IS the sister in law. That's the only reason I can think of to stand up so whole heatedly for someone that's a complete stranger and is obviously in the wrong.

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Celebrate it at the wedding...hopefully it's open bar

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How selfish of you, OP, for being born on that day! Seriously though, your future sister in law sounds like a bitch.

Well just don't go or get really drunk and crash it!

That is real selfish of your brother and sister in law. Seems like she's a real bitch

I don't think her brother and SIL deserve to be even related to her. I mean, it sounds like OP was perfectly happy and minding her own business until that b*tch of a woman decided to tell OP NOT to celebrate HER OWN BIRTHDAY! And her brother was a total douche, changing the date to HIS OWN SISTER'S BIRTHDAY! the nerve of some people.

@$&* her. do it anyway

Love the symbols ;)

Why the hell would they do that!? If I were you, I would just not come to their wedding and have a party with my friends instead. That was just mean!

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Even if that's the case, the right and polite thing to do would've been talking to OP about it. They should've pulled her aside and said that, after a lot of consideration, it seems that the best day for the wedding is OP's birthday. They also should've asked if OP was okay with it. The FML isn't that the wedding day is the same as OP's birthday - it's the fact that the bride was a complete snob about it.

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57 - So? That doesn't give OP's sister-in-law the right to say that OP can't celebrate her birthday. She's probably putting it on the date just to spite OP.

I agree 63, but perhaps OP is just overreacting about how everything happened? We don't know for sure that the future bride didn't say it really politely and mean well with what she said. And 66, how could you possibly know that the bride is doing it to spite OP? They might have a wonderful relationship, and due to commitments and guests, that could have been the only date available. Something I have learnt as I'm planning my own wedding, is that someone will always be unhappy with the decisions, and that you can't please everyone. In the end, you have to do what works best for you and your partner- otherwise everyone would be miserable.

No matter how the bride put it, you do not ask somebody to not celebrate their birthday. That's not ok no matter what.

how the hell can you politely say "you're not allowed to celebrate your birthday, I'm more important" ? shut up, you're being rather stupid by looking at it the way you are. there are ways to go about saying "it seems to be the best day for the ceremony" and it doesn't go like the one we've heard! even if it had to be that day any decent couple would mention (especially since it's the grooms sister) that it's her birthday and at least get her her own cake! there's no two ways about it, she's done it on purpose.

70 - First of all...the fml is that her future sister in law TOLD her NOT to celebrate her birthday because it would take away from the true meaning of the day!! Second of all...a birthday is a celebration of the day you were born...of new life! A wedding is a big party to celebrate but in the grand scheme of things a wedding is just a day. It's the marriage that's the important part. It is absolutely ridiculous to expect to be able to demand someone not celebrate their own birthday because you have a wedding DAY planned. I know that no one I know would behave that way...I also happen to think that there are a few days that are more important than a wedding day so it's not the most important day of their lives.

There's nothing to indicate that she did it on purpose. And how am I the stupid one?? I'm the only one open to the possibility that OP is perhaps not telling the whole story?? So in actual fact, I'm the only one with an open mind and my own thoughts.

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123 - You come across as unintelligent because you seem unable to grasp the fact that no matter what tone you use, saying "you cannot celebrate your birthday as it will take away the true meaning of the day," is rude, inconsiderate, and completely impolite. Maybe there is more to the story but as it stands, that's how it apparently went down and if the SIL truly did say that, she's a rude, selfish bitch.

When did I ever say that OP can't celebrate her birthday??? I am keeping an open mind- that's all!

Does keeping an open mind involves trying to convince everyone that the SIL is correct and that OP is a drama queen, while justifying her actions to "forbid" OP of celebrating her birthday? Get your head out of your ass. A wedding doesn't give you the right to disrespect your future family members by forbidding them to celebrate their birthday just because it would divert the attention. It's not because she's stressed, it's because she wants that day to be all about her and no one else.

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What really kills me about that "What's the big deal" comment is that, to me, that's like saying OP's birthday is insignificant or does not matter. How rude.

No, we went (OP and I are twins) gushed over the bride and had a really good time. We had a birthday dinner (morning wedding) and for some reason they took offense to it.

What happened next?

Apparently it was such a travesty to leave the reception 5 HOURS after it started. By the time we left, they were cleaning up and the DJ had already packed up and buggered off. : /

Your sister in law is psycho.

Did you catch what the SIL and brother pulled while she was having her child? I doubt it was polite

Bridezilla much? So you can never celebrate your birthday again? You should buy another cake just to piss her off and have everyone sing happy birthday to you right after they cut their cake. Then take over half of the gift table.

mishkaroni 15

I LOVE this idea! Doooooooo it, OP!

Love the "take over half the gift table". Op should also demand half the cash gifts too.

eternal7 6

Also, invite all of your friends to come crash the wedding, pretend like you didn't know, and say it's a surprise birthday party.

That would be funny as hell do it right when she is about to say I do