By Danou - 28/03/2011 13:51 - France

Today, I was waiting for the bus while wearing my FML shirt. A passer-by stopped, stared at me for a moment, and said, "I agree, your life sucks." FML
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SirEBC 7

Bring him to us. We'll fuck him up.

burninnapalm 5

dude. that's a win on his part. fail on yours for not seeing the joke.


SirEBC 7

Bring him to us. We'll fuck him up.

BellyDancinCheer 0

hell yeah!

#2's comment has just won the game.

I just lost the game

damn so did i

I went into overtime, but ended up losing in the shootout....

do not add to the comment u ruin it

I just lost the game too. Thanks 99.

hahayousucks 3

yea I just lost the game as well. damn

post secret lol

I like tha fact that someone put I pee in tha shower in tha middle of tha conversation =P win

iamslimshady 1

Time for a good ass whooping

that's what you get.

Avenged7Gabe 0

look at this doushebag

117- I'm not even going to say it...

ChristyCarnegie 0


hahaha op I laugh at you.

that's too funny :)

PurpleDino1123 0

nice tits

You look like a fish getting a boner. :)

at least he didn't give a YDI

burninnapalm 5

dude. that's a win on his part. fail on yours for not seeing the joke.

burninnapalm 5

if that is the case, then it's not an FML now is it? ;p

cldean24 4

Sarcasm, idiot.

I don't think 7 was being sarcastic

I agree. That is an epic win for said passerby

It definitely does!

ulicksam 0

Fuck your life because someone agrees with you that your life is fucked? Yes, FYL.

BabbiiLovvee 0

lol XD

I mean, at least he didn't say, "You deserved it."

kinga08 0

Well obviously he reads FML as well if he said that, word for word! I'm sure he meant it in good spirit, I actually think it's pretty funny.

yeah i agree with you. OP has to lighten up.

I'd be happy if that happened to me, anyway, anything to have some human contact

ShadyFTW1 0

Your life is fucked because somebody agrees with your shirt? Nah, more like it's fucked 'cause your an oversensitive punk who can't take a joke.

ShadyFTW1 0

you're* screw off all you grammar Nazis.

burninnapalm 5

lol was kinda hoping you put "your" after screw off.... but after reading it over, not quite as funny

ShadyFTW1 0

If OP understood, he or she would have found it funny. It wouldn't be a fuck my life.

ShadyFTW1 0

You are missing the point man. Yes it is funny, but if the OP thought it was, they wouldn't be posting it on a site called FUCK MY LIFE.

ShadyFTW1 0

site* Yes I know, damn.

ShadyFTW1 0


lol #25 I hope you were joking with the second part of your comment, cause you're definitely wrong. You are = you're your(possessive) = your(possessive) just sayin. =)

sourgirl101 28

Shady, the OP is obviously an FML fan. Of course he/she would post their story on here so that we may enjoy it too. Some people have no problems laughing at themselves and you gotta laugh when you're the joke.(:

dude, what kind of guy puts smileys?

You got to when your talking to bitches, bitches love smiley faces.

redneck14 11

this is going to sound stupid but what is op?

redneck14 11

is this english class? didnt think so. kay? k

68 does... And guys that are secure enough with their masculinity to not make comments on what is ok for a man to do...