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Today, it was my first ever live piano performance. It went all great until the end, when I stood up, slipped, and smashed face-first into the keys. I've lost half a tooth and all my dignity. FML
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Well, the keys ARE ivory. I just never expected a pianist to chip in his own teeth.


I hope OP bowed after the stunning performance.

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Does anyone else not get the music reference? xD

Really accented the performance there, Op

As a good measure, why don't you repeat it and try again

I disagree about trying again - piano playing is clearly not your forte.

Perhaps we should keep the puns to a minim(um).

If OP does try again, they should end it on a good note this time.

I'm just glad OP plays the piano... There's too much sax and violins in the world today.

Well, the keys ARE ivory. I just never expected a pianist to chip in his own teeth.

Hey, you can still play beautiful music. Keep your head up and look on the bright side. You may have inspired someone with your music. Sorry to hear that OP.

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Keep at it OP! Don't let this one bad experience leave you flat.

Stick with it. You'll never know what you're capable of if you give up now. Don't let one bad experience hinder the rest of them for you.

so much motivation in one comment string

Seems your performance ended up a little flat.

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Jesus Christ I laughed more than I should've. Guess this proves I'm a band geek

Hopefully your dentist can make it look natural again.

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As long as your performance was good it'll be fine! Sorry about the pain part though! That must've killed! Feel better!

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whether it was outstanding or horrible, that finale will be what they will always remember haha sorry OP!

at least you've gotten the hard part down already (playing piano), it only can get better from here :)

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I've almost been there, except my situation occurred during the audition, so I never made it to the recital.

Just keep your head up OP everything will be alright

Atleast you were brave enough to play in the first place. Dont let this ruin what your good at. But maybe try some no slip shoes for next time??