By crakbbyaparently - 31/01/2009 01:34 - United States

Today, my old man told me that he only married my mom because she convinced him she was pregnant with his child. In fact, she aborted a week later. "And then we had you instead." FML
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how did he/she deserve that?

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Yow. Ouch.


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Yow. Ouch.

wow sorry op and posters u guys need to get a life lol

what a disguisting bitch! your moms a whore

maserle 8

Mother of God...

Yep, I agree with #2. You deserved it.

how did he/she deserve that?

umm, HOW did they deserve it?

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How does anyone deserve that kind of thing that they can't even control?!

How does anyone not see the sarcasm oozing from those people's posts? OP: Holy crap, that's bad.

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it's sarcasm guys >_>

Woa, bummer

I don't even get what the FML is. where you HOPING you were an accident?