By OhFseriously123 - Italy
  Today, I was having sex with a girl. She was really into it and not holding back on the noise...That is, until I received a text message from my little sister next door reading "If she is making that much noise, she is probably faking it...Trust me, I know." FML
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  ericalew_xo  |  0

@ 38: My mom has sex when I'm at home..I happened to hear it for the first time two weeks ago. It's not pleasant. So, YDI for having sex while other people are home. It's just rude.

  firewall_joe  |  0

what are you doing bangin your gf with a little girl awake in the house. If i was her i would have knocked on your door and said hey -- turn down the porno... Im trying to get some sleep here.


The OP just meant his younger sister. Calling her "his little sister" doesn't mean she's a little kid or anything.

And I have to agree. Who would check their texts during sex? I mean, I've heard that sex is over-hyped, but it can't be that crap that people just randomly start doing other stuff in the middle of it.

  ForestFire0  |  1

#80-I'm thinking his sister is a little bit of a slut, seeing as he still lives at home and she's younger than him. But maybe she's not. I don't know how they role in Italy

  diet_otaku  |  0

little sis isn't necessarily right. i make a moderate amount of noise anyway, just because there's no reason not to, but the better it is, the louder i get. i don't fake anything, i just like to scream and curse when it's really good.

  laleyla  |  0

well, he can be 18 and his sister 16, nothing wrong with that. moreover, the op is from italy, and I think that in italy often kids move out later than in the US. also he could have been there on holiday...

By  GlobalB  |  0

If you have a little sister next door... you should probably BOTH be holding back the noise, regardless of her age. Show some consideration for the others in the house.

And if it was so great, why the hell would you pause in the midddle of the sex to read a text message?

By  Frosty840  |  0

If she was "She was really into it and not holding back on the noise", then why the hell would you stop to read a text?
Also, wouldn't the fact that you're so easily distracted from her BY YOUR PHONE be something of a turn-off?
Weirdo. Also, fake.