By scaredscreenless - 16/08/2011 19:27 - United States

Today, I was on my back patio talking with my husband. It got dark outside, and I saw something shuffling in the back yard. I freaked out so bad that I went to run inside, only to fly face-first into the screen door. Turns out the shuffling was from a baby rabbit. FML
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omg attack of the baby rabbits xD

I bet it was scared of the screaming human


omg attack of the baby rabbits xD

-1 They're gona take over! God have mercy! Save the children!

10- Screw the children, save the bacon.

Awe baby wabbits are soo cute

17- Because she didn't know it was a rabbit and thought that it was a crazy serial killer or something. Or that's what it sounds like. EDIT: This was a reply to number two, but for some reason it showed up here. Don't ask me why.

bugs bunny is a badass

LiveLaughFML 10

lol now your husband and FML knows that if there was a serial killer hiding in those bushes, you'd screw over your husband and save yourself. :D

Every day I'm shuffling.

-17 Screw the bacon! Save me!

nixter5 18

Are you the same mom that thought the garden gnomes were out to get you?

34- Screw you, save the porn!

-38 Screw you, puff a cigar. Winning.

NastyNinja31 0

Yo samity Sam was chasing him

Pixxio_O 11

29- except from Friday, gotta get down on Friday

SuperDerp 8

Night of the leapers :D

MrBoredGuy 1

Someone needs a holy hand grenade (if you don't get the reference please kill yourself)

Now come on Justin. .___. are you fucking kidding me?

Rabbit was just shuffling to party rock!

70- I don't get the reference.

-86 It's ok, no one likes or wants to save me either ;'(

anyone ever heard of the word bunny?

Monty Python anyone?

At least it was the screen door, instead o a glass slider or something.

Rawr100 0

follow the rabbit Alice

I'd save you! But for a cookie and to cuddle with Mr Fluffums, the killer bunny. Yes people, I'm serious.

I hate that song

Snowstar 0

Every day I'm shufflin'... God, I fucking hate that song. Edit- Crap, they already did it.

I bet it was scared of the screaming human

If it was a baby rabbit... How coild it freak you out? It had to be tiny. YDI...

JTHolloway200 0

rabbits are quite scary.... not

LiveLaughFML 10

I hate when people say "the spider is more afraid of you then you are of it." it's like wtf no! lololol!

Livelaughfml so you're saying a spider wouldn't be more afraid of a human than a human of a spider? Were 1000000+ times bigger than it!

it's probably too stupid to be scared

31- if you were a spider, would you not be scared of a giant which could kill you in a heartbeat? I freakin would be.

Same with snakes. You're 2 inches or less off the ground and some giant thing 6 ft. tall approaches you. You're going to defend yourself. Plus, assuming the spider or snake is venomous, are you going to use that for food, or try to conserve it by running away?

32- LiveLaughFML did not say that. She said she hated it when people say that. So read again before you hate on anyone.

52- Wtf are you talking about?

LiveLaughFML 10

um well I'm sorry if I offended anyone. what I was trying to say is that yes, sure the spider may be terrified of me, but I'm pretty sure that I'm more terrified of it - depending on what spider it is. some can be more dangerous than I could be to them.

Pixxio_O 11

32- not if it's hagred's spider..

57, I'm a spider and I'm more afraid of you 100%. Thanks for being an asshole to all spiders....

I don't think that spiders and snakes have the brain capacity to induce fear. I think they just act based on instinct. They see a threat, and attack. :P

123 you are an idiot.

chill out lady

fmlham 0

Uz purdy

She's from Russia

Chill out... Dickwad

I thought that was Tyra Banks.

92 Uz kant spel

reallytho3 11

Coulda had a V8

agaba 0

Hey at least she dint call the cops

hoodasswhitekid 0

The names Keith Stone, always smooth.

TenderizeMe 0

Did you screen?

IndiRae 9

What you did there, I see it.

7 are you yoda? That would be freakin' awesome

WillDaBeast83 0

Yoda would sound more like, "see what you did there, I do."

Never underestimate a baby rabbit.. couldve been vicious..

Like from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

WillDaBeast83 0

Exactly like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

alex6946 10

It could have been Bunnicula!

#125 yepp i seen him last week shufflin in my back yard

JustinThunder 8

That's no joke. That baby rabbit will charge your ass.

tylersign 11

That would be fuckin' terrifying.. Seriously. xD

It's best not to move in that situation. They can smell your fear.

People are way too paranoid these days

If you're referring to the previous comments, learn sarcasm.

Don't worry, I'm sure baby rabbits don't bite. :)

Glitterhinoceros 14

Of course baby rabbits bite, they're wild, ferocious animals that probably have rabies.

doyouloveme6543 0

Yes they do. Hahaha

It was Peter Cotten tail...