By scaredscreenless - United States
Today, I was on my back patio talking with my husband. It got dark outside, and I saw something shuffling in the back yard. I freaked out so bad that I went to run inside, only to fly face-first into the screen door. Turns out the shuffling was from a baby rabbit. FML
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  YacL  |  15

17- Because she didn't know it was a rabbit and thought that it was a crazy serial killer or something. Or that's what it sounds like.

EDIT: This was a reply to number two, but for some reason it showed up here. Don't ask me why.


Same with snakes. You're 2 inches or less off the ground and some giant thing 6 ft. tall approaches you. You're going to defend yourself. Plus, assuming the spider or snake is venomous, are you going to use that for food, or try to conserve it by running away?

  LiveLaughFML  |  10

um well I'm sorry if I offended anyone. what I was trying to say is that yes, sure the spider may be terrified of me, but I'm pretty sure that I'm more terrified of it - depending on what spider it is. some can be more dangerous than I could be to them.