By Anonymous - 01/04/2016 18:30 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my date took me to visit his farm. As we were walking, a wild rabbit darted past me and startled me. I tripped and fell face first into cow dung. FML
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Cowadunga, dude.

Cute story for the grandkids ;)


That's a shitt- *everyone shoots me*

friedpwnadge 25


UserError94 18

*Thwangggg* Sorry, used a bow

If you're gonna do it, don't half-ass it. You gotta say "That's a shitty situation," and be prepared for the consequences.

The arrow cut him off mid-sentence.

Cute story for the grandkids ;)

UserError94 18

"And that's not the only pie I received that day kids! Then YOU were conceived :)"

If only there was a button for that

Bet that ruined the moooood..

Mathalamus 24

ew. i hope your date help you out of that mess. stupid rabbit.


Silly rabbit, trips are for kids!!

Cowadunga, dude.

I have never laughed so hard at an fml comment. You win.

I'm guessing you guys didn't meet on farmers only, but hang on tight op, he might be the one.

ulissey_fml 22

You met the real Easter Bunny , then you got a free organic beauty mask. I bet he had lots of other nice and exciting things all prepared for you . I'm jealous.

Dang, what a good April Fool's joke. I didn't know you could train a rabbit.