My new best friend

By froggylicious - 16/08/2011 18:18 - Canada

Today, I woke up exhausted because a croaking frog had kept me awake the night before. This has happened every night for the past week, and no matter how far away I take the frog, it always ends up sitting in the same place the next morning. FML
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Easy. Kill the damn thing.

Just wait till he croaks it. Then you're golden! :D


Just wait till he croaks it. Then you're golden! :D

-1 And then if you can't beat it, eat it.

Alwayspullout 7

Kill it. Problem solved.

How about Sending the frog to hell or heaven all ur probs will be solved

IndiRae 9

Grab it, get in your car, drive for a while to a distant bridge, throw it off the edge into the water, and pray to god it doesn't come hopping down your stairs soaking wet when you get back home.

-28 That's what my dad did to me! He sure was surprised when I came home that night with my unicorn Steve.

The Frog is mindfucking you !!!

LiveLaughFML 10

gosh #31. first it's Gary, then it's flockz, now it's Steve? you three-timing hoe!

-38 Steve is a unicorn, he could give himself a *******. I swear I did NOT do anything with him... That beaver on the side of the river, that's a different story.

28- That exact scene happened in the old ' the changeling' :O except it was a ball

IndiRae 9

Wow, 50. What a wacky coincidence!

free2speak 14

Try kissing it... if he shape shifts into a prince you're good to go. Oh wait.. I think I got enchanted and TruBlood mixed up. On the other hand, I've always wanted Sam to turn into a frog and wait for some naive girl to kiss him and in that exact moment turn in Sam again. Would be damn funny.

I say the frog is a evil mastermind that made duplications of himself so that each time you throw him away a new one takes his spot. I know because I planned it.

Lol I like how they take the frog and place it somewhere else and it comes back. The frog came back the very next day!

Damn_Hippster 11

Kill the frog and eat it's legs, then hang the head on your door to warn off the other frogs!

Smh... Owned by a frog...

I don't know what your local gun laws are, buuut... I think you get my idea

81... Good observations...

the frog's smarter than the OP..

Let's hope to god the frogs aren't teaming up with the garden gnomes...

Let's hope to god the frogs aren't teaming up with the garden gnomes...

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My_Name_Is_ 5

Throw a rock at it...that usually works even if you miss.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Throw it in a pond and RUUUUN!

JTHolloway200 0

the frog is a stalker

hellbilly205 17

Kill it!

daysgoby902 6

once the frog is gone you'll need it to sleep

Takador 3

Big deal its ONE FROG, in here every night there are FUCKLOADS of Coquís singing. In EVERY corner of the Island. Kkthnxbbye;)

Easy. Kill the damn thing.

How dare you, frogs are cool :)

Eggers 2

rip it's croaker out

sxe_beast 11

Have some frog legs and sleep well.

sxe_beast 11

Have some frog legs and sleep well.

That's what shotguns are for ;)

NoobHat 6

Sadly, PETA would start campaign against the OP of they killed the frog.

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Well if the OP waits, they'll learn to ignore it. This is called the lullaby effect.

tylersign 11

Is that what you do, 4, go out and "just kill" frogs?

Rawket_Lawnchair 0

Yeah, killing it is definitely not the smartest option when it comes to getting enough sleep. Because if you do, the world is going to end. Good lord, stop being such *******.

Naggerass 1

Yeah who the **** cares? It's one frog.

It's an omen! Lol

free2speak 14

Probably a hint that OP is possessed. The Rite, anyone?

croak back at it

Meant to be, maybe he's a prince. :D

Kiss the frog OP, kiss it.

More committing than my husband.

an fml reply to this fml...

Don't kill it!!! Just get an aquarium and keep it ;D

Sunny_Eclipse 6

Then the croaking would be in OP's house. Not such a bright idea...

Don't kill him. Maybe he wants a friend bring him in and feed him all the crickets his little heart desires