By uthinkucandraw - / Friday 27 February 2009 21:19 / United States
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This reminds me of a song that goes like this (please don't mod me): Bitches aint s**t but hoes and tricks. Lick on these nuts and suck the d***.

You know what dude? I know how you feel... i did the same, except I'm in New York and she was in California... ya just gotta keep on truckin'...or flying.

By  Amkii

While you're there, have some crazy fun! Then make that slut-ass ex-gf of yours pay you back.


Why should she pay him back? She didn't tell him to fly there. She isn't obligated to stay in a relationship if it's not what she wants

That sucks, but it gives you an opportunity to go on a bender in NZ- I suggest you start now. If you arn't already drunk, make sure there is a cold Steinlager in your hand in the next 15 minutes.

Oh no!!! And as soon as you arrived there too, ugh...I'm sorry that happened to you. It sucks x( And # 14, I think you kinda missed the point of what they were saying haha...reread the posts :P

aww that really stinks, i'm sorry..who breaks up with a text message?! while they are on the other side of the world?!!! but that was a really sweet thing to do..and i've heard new zealand is beautiful=]

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