By EunJung - 04/11/2011 00:16 - United States

Today, at the nail salon, a Korean woman was making fun of me. I kindly told her, in Korean, that I understood. She kindly told me, in English, that she didn't care. FML
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no more spending money there plus no tip !

You should have kindly scratched her face up with your new nails...


no more spending money there plus no tip !

fthislyfe 22

You should have kindly said: shut the **** up bitch!

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Whoever said the Korean woman worked at the nail salon?

Sukismama 2

Damn it seems that most (not all) of the ladies that work at nail salons are just complete rude bitches..

start singing to her I don't care eeh eeh eeh eeeh eeeeh (reference to Korean song by 2NE1, I Don't Care)

And now my comment looks irrelevant because they fixed the typo...

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I rather enjoyed this. Lol thank you for also seeing that.

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My nail salon has korean woman working there. I'm always wondering if they're talking about me! :(

Yeah I'm korean but I think korean ladies are bitchy and whiny. Its the old generation

merryhappy1887 20

i think it's pretty ****** up.. you should have waited til she was finished, called her some names, & left without paying.

Randuhh_17 4

Should've just walked out without paying... See if she cares then. Or, if you were like me, I'd cause a big scene...and make fun of her.

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You should have politely falcon punched her in the box

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bossroyd 4

80, they do. In fact, they are the country who eats the most dogs, rather than the commonly stereotyped China. Sorry for the digression...

yougotapes 7

No just no... But can't expect much from a cat person^^ But fyl op I would of kindly walked away

Cant believe no body made a jole about asians eating dogs... what you thought I was going to do it. No that would be racist

Don't say she's dog. She may try to eat herself

daysgoby902 6

you shouldn't have paid for it

daysgoby902 6

The FML never said the Korean woman worked there. God, not every Korean woman in a nail salon is employed there. What a bunch of racists.

The wording did make it initially sound as if the woman was working there. But yes, I agree that it's possible that the woman was simply a patron.

How often does op answer questions? Almost never How often do u check back to see if op has answered wuestions? Probably not once So why do u ask them? Ofc u may say the same to me abt the commenter but the goal is to reduce the # of stooped comments by adding this one.

I call bullshit, if she didn't care why was she speaking in Korean??

Should of went up to her and donkey kicked her in the face

I agree as well as make fun of her in English then in Korean in a mocking tone say idc

You tried diplomacy, now it's time for violence.

I always start with violence, that way my opponent can't come up with some clever remark to make me seem insignificant

10 - your pic makes your statement all that much better!

amarieeee 4

where's Anjelah Johnson with a Come Back....??