By Luke - 10/09/2015 05:56 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I was robbed. I didn't know how the robber got in, as there was no clear signs of forced entry. I later found out that my psycho ex had written my address on the key I lent her when we were going out, then purposely left it on a table in a café. FML
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You should change locks in case she made copy's

Am I the only one admiring her vengeful creativity ?


Steve97 32

Still you think people would just use the address on the key and mail it back to the house but no, ******* scum bag used it as an opportunity to rob OP. Man **** society and humanity sometimes... It's down right pathetic how we as humans behave...

You should change locks in case she made copy's

right especially if op knows shes a psycho they shouldve changed when they broke up

Change the locks! She may have made copies.

Be more careful of who you trust from now on

He willingly have her the key.. at this point, but much can be done besides learn and change the locks.

leogachi 15

@29 He gave HER the key. I don't know where OP is (can't see it on the mobile site), but in the U.S. she can go to jail for conspiracy to commit a crime and/or accessory to burglary.

Do you have enough evidence to be able to press charges against her?

Do you mean "lent"? Leant is the past tense of "to lean."

I don't know why you were voted down. You are correct

They were down voted because news flash: nobody likes grammar nazis aside from other grammar nazis.

Is it possible to take her to court? Or at least pay for the items that were stolen ? Good luck op!