By Doortje - 12/12/2010 11:37 - Netherlands

Today, I woke up really tired after a night of just two hours sleep. The reason? The mall across the street forgot to turn off their music. It played Christmas songs all night. Loud. FML
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Doortje tells us more.

It was a mistake, normally the music goes out when the mall closes. It was just something that'll likely not happen again but was really frustrating at that moment.

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And all you wanted was a Silent Night. How ironic.

CMoN! What happend to all of the Christmas Spirit?


CMoN! What happend to all of the Christmas Spirit?

It got into Santa and haunted him forever, preventing him from even trying to step away from the North Pole.

I know what you mean #1. everyone's always so negative! Cheer up people! :)

Bah, humbug.

it died after jingle bells had played for the 4000th time that night :D

You should be grateful to have a mall just across the street!

Yeah, it died. It was all over the news. You didn't see it?

I blast my mp3 player when I'm in the supermarket or dept store so I don't have to hear the Xmas muzak.

How the hell did a whole entire MALL forget to turn off music? My mall doesn't even have music, let alone houses or apartments across the street. FYL because I can't fathom how YDI

One of the malls where I'm from has apartments above it.

that's kind of cool...

yeah and anyway couldnt she of called the police?

Aww I'm sorry

Nothing like Christmas songs all night long to get you in that Christmas spirit!

oh man, that sucks. :(

I'm getting tired of them as well :(

And all you wanted was a Silent Night. How ironic.

But then the Bells just had to be Jinglin'

It's true.

Hark! The Herald Angels must have been singing again.

You live across the street from a mall? WHY?!

You can't figure this out for yourself, WHY?!

Who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

No one. I was mocking you. Mocking doesn't equate to "pissed off"... Stupid comments deserve stupid responses.

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Well, it's obvious he was going to fight back. You rattle his cage, you get to see him dance.

Gosh guys. Chill out. Kay, I don't know what happened to you today but your verbal abuse is way overboard. Stef, you need to chill too, it's a valid question. Why does OP live across from a mall? No need to get all up in his grill. Person, there will be people on here that are complete douches. There is no point trying to argue your point; they will just keep verbally assaulting you. Just stop responding.

57 - And there are many obvious answers to that "valid question", none of which require assistance to find.

@57: You're the one needing to calm the hell down. Nothing happened to me today besides seeing yet another idiot ask yet another stupid question in the wrong tone. A more valid question would be to you: why in god's name do you feel the need to get up in MY grill over a matter that doesn't concern you? Try sticking to your own advice. Moreover, why can't you detect good humour, or at the very least, lost causes?

Why does OP live across the streets from the mall? Serious question here, no joke.

You should reay file some sort of complaint for that. That's bullshit.

You sir are very correct, they could have called the police and complained about a noise disturbance, problem solved. I know I'm going to catch flak for this, but oh well, I don't like christmas music, I enjoy Christmas just fine, but when I can't go a single day without hearing the same song about ten times I really begin to resent it.

Invest in ear plugs.

Ok, I was about to type literally the exact same thing.

Except, you know, they make some people nauseous. Some people like me. Who are also light sleepers. There is no winning.

I think this is a fake FML mall music doesnt play very loud and if it was so loud that your able to hear it. Then, i'm sure someone would have called and complained to shut it down...