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Dumbass, you didn't have to hit it that hard :P

Flys are so annoying. I sometimes go hulk if it interrupts my Taylor Swift.


Dumbass, you didn't have to hit it that hard :P

jus be glad it didnt land on ur face. u probably woulda broke ur nose

That always bugs me

Yay, cheap puns are awesome.

I see what you did there, futtbuck. very punny

wow! you're so bright! no one wouldve ever guessed that! :P

Flys are SCARY!!!

OP did you at least get it!?

And I bet you missed the damn fly anyway.

well now his messed up computer screen matches his messed up keyboard he ruined while masterbating. FYL mr. fly

this reminds me of the time I closed my laptop and some June bugs few in and got squish

thats what she said ;)

No. The fly survived and flew happily out the window into the cool night's breeze.

(in reply to 47)

wow I'm debating whether to laugh out loud or cry.

oh and at least he got a chance to try out his FALCO PUNCHHHHHHH. Ahem sorry about that, good day.

I don't want to sound like a douche or nothing, but someone has to do it. It's actually Falcon Punch.

Wow... I know flys are pesky little fellas, but you could have shooed it away from the computer so that you didn't break it.

19 but that saying is very common :)

really? just over a fly?

can you read...?

30, if your comments toward me, I wasn't directing it to 2, I was directing it towards op.

y would you direct it toward OP if u replied to 2's comment?

Maybe if he leaves the doors shut more often, flies wouldn't come in leading up to the events to where his computer screen is now broken.

Then why the fuck do you do it in reply to #2, attention whore?

Flys are so annoying. I sometimes go hulk if it interrupts my Taylor Swift.

If I was you, I wouldn't keep shotguns at home.

got to love taylor swift

i got fed up with them so i locked them up in a room with me and smashed them with a clothe to death... yes it was that bad...

Wow was it that serious?

how big was the fly? WTF…

What do you mean by "ruined"?

OP actually tackled it. .....OP missed the fly.

let me put this in terms of stupid... arg... *brain explodes* nevermind.

24- i pictured that and started cracking up

they headbutted the monitor and killed everything.. except the bug. cause those little fuckers are invincible

Wtf? Did you try to punch it?

he was just trying to monitor your computer usage:D

I have a strange feeling this wasn't a pun...

I have done this before... and for those of you asking if it's worth it -- no, I can't say it is...

No one asked. Were not mentally challenged.

Guess again, 33.

33, did you even read the comments before posting that?

33. No we're not but you are

Of course a stupid comment coming from a woman who doesn't slow down enough to think anything through... Especially one who calls herself a female Jesus. O lawd...

33 ur a dumbass

how hard did u hit the computer dumbass?