By Jer - 15/07/2013 23:36 - United States - Louisville

Today, I knocked over a display case at a mall, shattering hundreds of dollars in goods. Embarrassed, I tried to scurry out of the nearest door without being seen. I scuttled right into the janitor's closet, the door automatically locking behind me. I waited for an hour to be let out. FML
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Favourited for use of the word 'scuttled'

Well now you can get a broom to sweep up the mess you made, OP.


At the mall. Do you know how to read?

To be fair to him though, he could have been skim reading. Though one would expect you would read it fully before commenting...

cottoncandymango 17

Welp, everything happens for a reason. You ended up in the janitor's closet to clean up the mess you made.

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40 - Looks like you can't read either. She locked herself in the closet and I don't think she would want to sue herself.

DigitalFusion 4

Yes but a door by law (most countries) cannot be capable of locking a person in with no means of escape, particularly in an emergency. This door was clearly not to code, and would indeed be grounds for a lawsuit. OP could have suffered a trauma from being sealed in a confined space. OP may now or may already have been claustrophobic. Either way, the mall put undue stress on them by creating a potentially dangerous and traumatic situation. Yes OP could sue, and the mall would likely settle before it reached court, and would properly fix that door.

Unless you were legitimately trying to cause damage, it shouldn't have fallen over to easily, so I see it as their fault. If they are going to store hundreds of dollars worth of goods on something unstable (you could say), I don't see how you could get stuck with the responsibility of paying for it. People are clumsy, and businesses have insurance for accidents. (;

Favourited for use of the word 'scuttled'

CallMeWindSock 24

It totally changed how I envisioned this happening. First he's walking, then he turns into a crab and walks into a closet.

Your comment made me laugh so much I couldn't talk and I don't even know why

Need a new way to walk? Why not Zoidberg? Woooop wooop wooop wooooop wooop.

thatonegirlnic 10

Justice is served

Well now you can get a broom to sweep up the mess you made, OP.

kelseydianee 11

That just sounds like a really crappy way to start a morning. I can only think what the janitor was thinking when he opened the door to find you in there. Best of luck!

heytrollhey 12

You can't run away from your problems, but then again, after you ran away from your first problem, you ran straight into another problem.

Can't you read? He didn't run away from his problems, he scuttled.

ajaj26 12

Karma is a bitch!

R.Kelly was with you

So why couldn't you be a decent person and help the poor employee who had to clean it up? I guess people just aren't willing to take any kind of responsibility for their actions anymore.

A thousand times this. If you break "hundreds of dollars in goods," a decent person admits his or her guilt. You basically stole that much in profit from the store.

You're supposed to pay for it where I'm from

I would've run away from embarrassment. Not saying it's right, and I'd be ashamed of myself, but at the moment my embarrassment would override everything else.

olpally 32

Yeah, that's what you get for trying to avoid owning up to your mistakes. Idiot. Ydi.