By Jer - United States - Louisville
Today, I knocked over a display case at a mall, shattering hundreds of dollars in goods. Embarrassed, I tried to scurry out of the nearest door without being seen. I scuttled right into the janitor's closet, the door automatically locking behind me. I waited for an hour to be let out. FML
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  NeatNit  |  32

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  DigitalFusion  |  4

Yes but a door by law (most countries) cannot be capable of locking a person in with no means of escape, particularly in an emergency. This door was clearly not to code, and would indeed be grounds for a lawsuit. OP could have suffered a trauma from being sealed in a confined space. OP may now or may already have been claustrophobic. Either way, the mall put undue stress on them by creating a potentially dangerous and traumatic situation. Yes OP could sue, and the mall would likely settle before it reached court, and would properly fix that door.

  depocadoll  |  15

Unless you were legitimately trying to cause damage, it shouldn't have fallen over to easily, so I see it as their fault.
If they are going to store hundreds of dollars worth of goods on something unstable (you could say), I don't see how you could get stuck with the responsibility of paying for it. People are clumsy, and businesses have insurance for accidents. (;

By  The_Nuke  |  31

So why couldn't you be a decent person and help the poor employee who had to clean it up? I guess people just aren't willing to take any kind of responsibility for their actions anymore.

  Pikawhore  |  21

A thousand times this. If you break "hundreds of dollars in goods," a decent person admits his or her guilt. You basically stole that much in profit from the store.

  cmayer  |  20

I would've run away from embarrassment. Not saying it's right, and I'd be ashamed of myself, but at the moment my embarrassment would override everything else.