By Grounded - 17/11/2009 03:47 - Australia

Today, I started my first day as a security guard. After spending three years and $30,000 to become a commercial pilot, only to be told on my yearly medical that I suddenly have type 1 diabetes, and will never fly again. FML
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Yaphukwit tells us more.

Op here, Definatly not a fake, as other posters have said, Type 1 is not exclusive to juveniles. I am 24. I had the symptoms for a few weeks (thirst, tiredness, etc.) but was only diagnosed when i went for my comm pilots medical and they detected it there. And instead of college i chose flight training. So as much as i would love to move to the states, finding a job and someone to sponsor me would be difficult.

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why cant you fly with diabetes?

this is a true fml. sorry to hear that mate.


that sucks man

that sucks the big one

Relevance of being a security guard?

@102 the downgrade maybe? Think before you post.

why cant you fly with diabetes?

Actually, in the United States you can be a pilot with diabetes. You just need special insurance. Anyway, I think the issue is with the OP's blood sugar level. Injecting yourself with your insulin can also be considered distracting I guess. OP, if relocating is an option for you there are many other countries that will allow you to fly with diabetes. Again, it just requires a special insurance and maintaining relatively normal blood sugar levels.

Distracting? So can checking out your schedule on your laptop and other miscellaneous things that are far more distracting than a set regimen of insulin administration. Things such as requiring a second pilot even in aircraft whose type certificates do not require one, and simply be a non-effect if administered outside of the critical phases of flight in an aircraft requiring more than one crew member may assist in these Type I flyers to get back in the sky.

I think the concern is potential low blood sugar, rather than having to inject insulin. I'm a type 1 diabetic, but I'm not a pilot.

Whoa, Darth Taco needs to read the FARs before he starts throwing out legal advice, specifically Part 67.113(a). To wit: " The general medical standards for a first-class airman medical certificate are: (a) No established medical history or clinical diagnosis of diabetes mellitus that requires insulin or any other hypoglycemic drug for control." That would be Type-1 diabetes. The same requirement shows up in both Second and Third Class medicals. (To maintain an ATP license in the US, you need to have a First Class medical. For just a commercial license, a Second Class.) And whoever said the FAA is "more flexible" than "other" countries needs to have his/her medical pulled, because they're smoking crack. The FAA is anal as shit.

Although, just noticed OP is from Australia

because you can be a hazard to other people if you eat suger and dont have any insuline with ya your flying a plane so its pure logic although the chances of being that retarded is slim .. also you have a co-pilot at all times so i think that its quite a bullshit reason

It says he's from Australia.

The reason you can probably be one in the U.S. with diabetes is becose 90% of Americans are obese

he's type one diabetic not type two

Poor you.. Anyway... THIRD!

omg im so sorry D:

Well pilots do jack shit all. they are there only in case something goes fucky. a plane can land on its on for shit sakes the only thing it cannot do is take off

this is a true fml. sorry to hear that mate.

probably the first real FML i've seen here. :(

true...but it would take YEARS to pay it off...pilots get payed shit now

cause they do such a crappy job landing in oceans and shit like that, people die man! PEOPLE DIE!!!

Yeah, that one really sucks. I'm sorry.

I have type 1 diabetes, and I'm pretty sure you're allowed to fly in the US... I was looking into being a pilot at some point in my life :P But anyways, you can move to the US. I'd suggest an insulin pump though. They make control a lot easier and more efficient. It sucks that you were diagnosed so late in life though :( I'm sorry

No, you can't. someone who cant sit behind the controls for hours without having monitor their health isnt a good thing. you cant handel your medical emergencies while you handle flight emergencies. its harsh and I know your pain, I almost got denied my medical. There is so many things that can keep you off the flight deck

What are you talking about? You don't have to constantly monitor your health with diabetes! Sticking your finger once a day and maybe injecting insulin don't prohibit you from sitting behind controls for a few hours.

Actually Type 1 diabetes is a bit more strict than that. I have it and I have to prick my finger four times a day and take injections four times. But then again I don't do it constantly and would be able to sit for a long period of time without checking my health.

That's horrible :( Kinda reminds me of the guy in Little Miss Sunshine who wanted to be a pilot but couldn't because he was colour blind

Lol exactly what I was going to write xD But yea... That sucks :(

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope things work out for you in life though.