By Araya - United Kingdom
Today, I had a pig kidney dissection in Biology. I see a 'sack' which appeared to contain a liquid. Being the curious type, I cut open the sack, spraying said liquid over me and my desk. My teacher, after giggling, informed me that the liquid was in fact urine. I was pissed on by a dead pig. FML
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I find it very hard to believe that the very small urinary bladder of a pig fetus had enough urine in it to squirt out upon you when you cut it... maybe it was another organ you cut?


Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that, #14.
The fluids they use to preserve specimens can also be quite messy, and if you're using one hand to hold down the organ and the other to cut, you could squirt any fluids inside all over yourself.
Try filling a balloon with water, poking a hole in it with a pin, and then squeezing it. See what happens.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Eeheeheee, just like when we dissected fish!
Squirt fights ftw

Also, OP, HAAAHAW but that's what you get for not paying attention when they went over the organs.

  RedRobster  |  0

Unless you get some cheap-ass pigs, they clean the body fluids out of the pigs. The only fluids in there, besides water, are the ones that preserve the bodies. They would not leave urine in a pig, because urine is all waste products (they hurt the preservation of the body).

  Celt729  |  1

They never said "fetus", only pig kidney. Just because general dissection is usually a pig fetus or rat doesn't mean there can't be more specified dissections. Like the sheep brain, or a cow's eye, pig heart.

YDI btw. Who pokes around randomly in a kidney? Obviously you don't know what they're for.

  StaticDown  |  0

In my high school, the teacher would just go to a butchers shop and get something... we disected some heart once and a fish... She's from U.K so maybe it was the same....

  roadie42  |  21

Real biology nerds do - it's how you distinguish between the "I'm such a nerrrrd LOL" types and the truly awesome science people. Curiosity for the win! *high fives OP*

By  RyeBreadBoy  |  0

Why were you cutting open the bladder if you were supposed to be dissecting the kidney? Also, why did they give you an entire pig (I assume it was probably a baby pig) if you only need the kidney? Seems like they could get a bunch of kidneys from a slaughterhouse for far less money than entire pigs.