By smooth - 21/11/2013 16:10 - United States

Today, a girl and I were flirting and it was going well. Feeling bold, I asked what she would do if I kissed her. She smiled flirtatiously and said "Why don't you try it and find out?" I went in for a kiss, and she slapped me. FML
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that.. is .... hilarious! shes a keeper!

She likes it rough


that.. is .... hilarious! shes a keeper!

tisk tisk #1 domestic violence is never funny.

23, your picture fits your comment fairly well.

what a cock tease

that's just plain funny imo. i hope she was cool about it (aka not serious).

I sorta see 23's point imagine a role reversal in this fml.

#23, it was most likely public violence, and that can be funny.

#65 I just did and ..... it was still ironically funny lol

I think people like the idea of saying it would be funny regardless of the genders. In my opinion though, if it was a guy that had slapped the girl, there would be more people asking if OP is ok, or she should press charges. Because it's a guy though, people will just assume they're ok because they're a man or that it's a woman slapping you so it's not a big deal.

You just took this funny, lighthearted post and turned it into something it's not

Well, funny and lighthearted is a subjective thing. From your profile you are a female. If a male slapped a female I doubt you would find it so funny and lighthearted...

Unless your spouse is a clown.

Sure, it is hilarious. As long as a it´s the guy who is slapped. Slap a girl and wait what happens.

She likes it rough

The first slap means no, the second is foreplay?

the third is just kinky

The fourth is just too far.

the 5th is rape :l

The sixth is UFC.

The sixth is just domestic abuse.

The 7th is a street fight

And the eighth is government-people relationship.

The 9th is like growing up in an Asian family.

The ninth is Tourette's. Too soon? phone just glitched and showed a random post with the chemistry jokes thing, and it was on your barium thing. THE AGENTS ARE IN THE MATRIX!

She needs a lesson on how to say no

Usually it's the other way around! They already know how to say no, we just want them to say yes!

With the power of duct-tape, they can't say anything. :)

And everyone knows that silence means concent! DISCLAIMER: Silence doesn't actually mean concent. Silence means they probably didn't hear you, are ignoring you or are too shocked for words.

I think she made it pretty clear with her hand.

Well now we know

Hey, we learn something new everyday!

And knowing is half the battle!

She summed up the entire female psyche

Well you found out.

Whaddya love? Crashing your car into a bridge and not caring?

Op, I think you saved yourself a lot of future problems with that one. She's a bitch!

Or she was messing with him which in my opinion is more than likely.

I mess with people all the time as well. However, I certainly don't slap people across the face when doing so.

So all those times I got flicked behind the ears, punched hard in the arm repeatedly, choked, tripped, and pulled by my ponytail by guys in elementary school meant they were being bitches. Thanks for that! It all makes sense now!

Well that's an unnecessary way to find out she's not for you, but at least you know! Give yourself some credit though, most guys wouldn't man up to that, but next leave out the kiss for a few dates

Well, actions speak louder than words.

Wow what did she expect you to do after saying that? Bitch please