By modprobs

Perfect timing...

Today, my boyfriend, who I haven't seen in months because we live in different countries, is coming to stay with me. I've been the picture of health for months, but today I woke up with my period, a terrible cold, and tooth pain from that root canal my dentist told me I didn't need a few years ago. FML
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  Seeya55  |  31

Period is not predictable. Even on a 28 day, it can come days early or late. Mixed with unknown nervousness/prep of his arrival, the cold that had been sitting in her before symptoms arrived doesn't help. Plus, maybe the BF couldn't come any other time, and he's visiting on the days he was allowed time off/to visit. Human bodies are weird and work around their own schedule. We ain't robots!

  sarsuela  |  24

I'd say root canal is predictable. It migth have been fine few years ago but things change. I'd be more sympathetic if she had said few months ago.

By  d3rpb0t  |  10

This sounds like a nightmareish rhyme.

Twas the day my beau was due
But I was joined by Aunt Flo and the flu
Hoped I did to have fun with bae
Til a dental drill spun in the way