By Calimero0o - Netherlands - Heerhugowaard
Today, the first day in nearly a year that I had completely to myself, I booked a spa day and a massage. Just after I arrived at the spa, the daycare center called. The baby had a fever and needed to be picked up. FML
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  PorchKitty  |  16

If she had a babysitter or family member available, she probably wouldn't have needed to use a daycare center. Since she's had no days off in a year, I imagine she doesn't have a support system nearby.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Why are babies so selfish? "Feed me, burp me, hold me, change me, be around so I can wake you up with crying after you've only been asleep for an hour." It's like they want everyone to pay attention to them, despite the fact that they don't do a damn thing.

Oh wow. Now I understand how Bhad Babie got her stage name.

By  Tracey Ann  |  1

I feel ya OP. I took my son to a parents night out at the daycare. I was so excited to have a dinner with just adults. I hear a strange noise behind me while I'm checking him in. I turn around to see my kid puking.

By  LivingFail  |  7

Neeeee… Wat kut! :O Misschien heb je ergens een wellnesscentrum waar je met je baby heen kan? Volgens mij had je er een in Almere?
Groetjes uit Alkmaar ;D

By  sherbear86  |  21

Is a mother, if my baby had a fever I wouldn’t consider it an fml because I missed my massage, I would be worried about them. Side note I’m a single mother and have never had a day off.