By rach - United States - Roy
Today, I got my nails, hair, and makeup professionally done for prom. My dad got his camera out, and I presumed he was taking pictures of my date and me. When I looked at the pictures later, they were all of the dog. FML
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  kwyk  |  23

Where I'm from, the majority of the time before a prom there are lots of people around & lots of people taking pictures too so it could be easy not to notice who's taken what. If this is the case then getting pictures off others isn't a big deal though anyway.

By  JustAReaderZZZZ  |  8

Wouldn't you notice that the camera lens wasn't directed towards you? I mean, really, it's not that hard to tell if someone is taking your picture or not. Next time, if you want pictures taken of yourself, you should ask.

By  AwesomeMe124  |  9

Maybe the tears in his eyes blurred his just so happened to be standing next to the dog. It's not easy realizing your little girl is growing up. Just a thought.

By  SpaceRaptor  |  8

Mighty inconsiderate of your father, you should confront him on his lack of care for his daughters special day, if that doesn't work wait till his birthday and when about to take his picture, beat him down with the camera .