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Today, while at my job as a hairdresser, I was giving an elderly client a perm and I thought she'd fallen asleep. She'd died. FML
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RealReality 12

At least she will look nice for her funeral.

myoukei 31

At least she'll look nice at her funeral? Rest her stylish soul. (Sorry op, that's unfortunate).


Argh sucks for you :(

RealReality 12

At least she will look nice for her funeral.

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#12 but they wouldn't have given her the perm she wanted

23 is 100 percent correct. Thank you OP you made my job a bit easier.

It will make it easier to do her hair, since the perm is in place. The funeral home or mortuary service will mess her hair up when they bathe and set her.

I guess you could say... *puts on sunglasses* She had a hairstyle to die for. YEEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!

Lol. I bet you are all wrong. Most people now days get cremated. At least she passed with no pain.

She was just trying to get out tipping, cheap bastard

GypsyRover-- even if she is cremated, the family might choose to do an identification viewing. So, the funeral home would still have to make her look presentable.

loserboii 11

O 37, I feel so horrible for laughing at that joke.

I almost pissed myself when I read this. Well played.

That would creep me the hell out!

@GypsyRover - if the woman was Catholic, she wouldn't be cremated until after the wake and funeral mass. So, you could be wrong too.

At my grandfathers funeral we had a veiwing the day before the actual funeral and he was cremated.

myoukei 31

At least she'll look nice at her funeral? Rest her stylish soul. (Sorry op, that's unfortunate).

AFloppyWetWhale 6

Way to copy RealReality

I can't tell if you're comment is good... or bad... I just won't thumb it.

Your comment sucks.

iTsbSkuLLy 8

I liked it. Thumb up from me.

(in reply to 13's "you're") .. it's late. I'll just stop now

unknown_user5566 26

I find it amusing when people decide a comment sucks, and then decide to post their own shitty comment by saying "your comment sucks" or enlightening the FML community on their up vote/down vote thought process.

What. I really had a grammatical error? Aw...

rebel_belle1974 5

sorry about the bad timing but she'll look awesome

Well at least you saved the mortician a job.

fyreprincess 3

wow! so sorry op. at least she was happy making herself pretty when she died.

Blah. Sorry, they deleted the post I replied to. Probably a good thing

That's a nice thought :)

Too bad this is a fake story people

Thank you shireman for your infinate wisdom. Im glad you've let everybody know!

imavelociraptor 6


11-You're trying too hard.

She died doing something she (I presume) liked, quietly and (probably again and as OP suggests) not in excruciating pain. That's a blessing in my books, and probably for you too, to have witnessed this closure of the circle of life in her. Now, on a rather petty matter, did you find difficulty making next-of-kin pay for your services?

I don't think that a client dying is something that's going to make OP feel good. Even if she did pass away in a peaceful manner.

Maybe not feel good, but there is a sense of knowing you were involved in making someone's last living act a pleasant one.

57, I like your sense of peace.

EDIT -snipped- wrong reply.

two words fuck me

My thoughts excactly

I don't think fucking you will bring the old woman back to life. Just sayin'.

All these newfags on here really mess up things.....

Lmao! I agree! Fucking you won't help. I'm good,but not that good!