By Larz - 26/01/2011 21:49 - Canada

Today, I woke up to a pile of hair on my floor. I looked in the mirror and realized the hair was from my head. I had a dream about cutting my hair and I guess it came true. FML
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schwancy 2

Ooo! Dream about winning the lottery next.

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I_R_Genius 3

Hey what can I sat. no guy likes it hairy.

for a genius you sure correct yourself a lot

JaydnGage 0

If it was your dream this shouldn't be an FML.

She dreamt that she cut her hair. She woke up to find she really did cut her hair. Yes, this is an FML.

nicesprites 4

that sucks but you can try out some crazy new hairstyles right?

Pisces86 0

So how exactly did you do this while you were asleep

Tikwichka 5
lovexbox 8

How would she know? She was sleeping lol

Acousticpixie14 6

I sleep walk, so I feel your pain. ]:

I would cry! I'm sorry OP. I hope you didn't cut it too short.

schwancy 2

Ooo! Dream about winning the lottery next.

Friend: Hey, why do you have a huge bald spot on your head? You: Oh this? It wasn't anything big. I had a dream about cutting my own hair and it somehow came true. Friend: ...Oh, that's..nice?

o i hope you dont dream about cuting a finger or somethibg else if you're a man...

JonaDona 2

just dream about it, because apparently dreams do come true!