Say cheese!

By tramrider - 07/03/2010 16:29 - United Kingdom

Today, I got on an empty tram and decided to sit at the back. A few minutes in, I heard a noise. Thinking it was the tram, I decided to ignore it. When I heard what sounded like a giggle, I looked around to see that it wasn't the tram, but it was some creepy middle-aged man taking photos of me. FML
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At least you are (presumably) attractive... You didn't hear and other noises later right? Either way, just call him out on it and he will probably leave you alone... or rape you...

At least he wasn't masterbating. That's where I thought this FML was going... most of these tram/bus/train stories end in such ways. Things could be worse!


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I see what you did there, FML staff..

You have made use of two periods. Highly against the Grammar Nazi Codex.

bitch u should be flatered, now sck his dck and make him a sammich

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You thought the tram was giggling evilly?

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are you stupid how would you not have seen him in an empty tram

that's is pretty creepy but i don't believe that deserves to be on fml...

if it was empty AND you were sitting at the back how did you not see him? wouldn't he have to turn around and face you to take the picture?

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this isn't funny, this is just weird..

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#62 you needa find the guy that took them for that!

um I would have kicked his ball sack and ran to the next tram car

There is almost never any creepy old men taking photos in the kitchen without your awareness so I guess YDI.

@26 he was obviously wearing tramcam (tram camoflague).

Maybe Tramoflague would have been better....

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Oh that was you? Your thong was showin I had to get some photos!

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@90 Your photo is a contradiction...

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I agree with all these people... you're an idiot for not seeing him... but let me guess, you were on the phone, not paying attention.. or maybe just plain blind.. does that one work for ya..???

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Oh Shit! I thought i was being sneaky... and(SHIT IN MY ASS!!) it was not an "evil" laugh.. it was my (ASS) damn Tourette's. Sorry

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Don't worry, He was taking those pics so that when he got home (which is the next station) he could crawl into the medium sized dumpster that he calls home and ********** using leftover grease from a Big Mac as lubricant. Because it reminds him of his younger days when his father would "touch" him in exchange for a Double Cheeseburger.

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lo ******* l now I get ur avatar that is just awesome

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I guess...he took.....the shot. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH

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i was just thinking that! also, not really a fmylife, unless O.P.'s f'ing their terrible eyesight incapable of detecting creepy guys on a seemingly empty tram

eww oh well .. he didnt hurt you. btw second!!

At least you are (presumably) attractive... You didn't hear and other noises later right? Either way, just call him out on it and he will probably leave you alone... or rape you...

During Hitler's reign, Jews were forbidden to ride trams... AGHRGAH, CURSE YOU ANNE FRANK'S DIARY

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I was that guy muhahahahah!!!!!

you all sound like women coming out saying you slept with Tiger lol

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and I was the tram driver who had 3 cameras in the back. And you 3 are the guy who's in jail. o.O

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@24 wins a cookie... I like it when the FML Staff turns stupid posts into humorous ones :-)

Yay for breaking privacy laws! But on the end, there must have been a reason. so it could have been a compliment...