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Today, I went to class with my bag packed for a weekend trip when it began to vibrate violently. Stopping mid-lecture, the professor approached me and asked politely if I could turn off my cell phone as I was disturbing the other 150 pupils in the class. It was my personal vibrator. FML
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im betting it was put into alot of use now wasnnt it? haha way to go, should have ditched it. what an embarassing situation but YDI (:

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Yes, masturbation is so slutty. Much better than going out there and sleeping around and spreading around a buttload of STDs.

those shows are a horrible influence on the younger generation. degrassi, gossip girl, secret teen, the list goes on. I feel they contribute a big amount to the corruption of teens.

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ur rite in a way but then again shows like degrassi are just showing all possible things that could happen to a teenager

Degrassi us wannabe gossip girl. I watch teen nick when that 70s show is on and the commarcials for degrassi make me wanna wash my eyes out with holy water. It's shows like that which create all the negative stereotypes about teens. Only 15% of them are actually like that.

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actualy its only the stupid white people that are like that

Now why the hell would you keep a vibrator in your purse? That's the most idioticly stupid thing you could possibly do! YDI all the way.

degrassi? riley inspired me to come out of te closet. manny showed me how destructive promiscuity is. Peter showed me how much meth can ruin your life. Adam served as a voice to trans kids. Jane made me realize how horrible sex abuse is and if anything ever happens to me I know it's ok to report it. let's see... Conner shows that people with aspergers can succeed. and Jenna and liberty show how difficult teen pregnancy is, although it is possible to overcome it. yeah. terrible influence.

Degrassi is gay. Stop letting a TV show tell you how to live your life. You should be able to figure that out on your own, not by a bunch of actors playing a script.

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to #85: sighhh i miss the old degrassi..where marco would inspire ppl to come out of the closet, paige would be the addict, darcy & emma would be a voice for sex abuse, liberty would show ppl with dyscalculia could succeed and mia would also show how difficult teen pregnancy was...they have a lot of repeat subject haha ahhh i miss degrassi!

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Exactly what I was thinking haha (:

I totally agree with citrus. degrassi while being an addictive show makes us teens look like walking bombs.

101 walking bombs? and 78 so the other 85 percent act like the kids from the brady bunch? yeah right

101 walking bombs? and 78 so the other 85 percent act like the kids from the brady bunch? yeah right

like ticking time bombs. gah my itouch autocorrects too much

#78 degrassi has been around for almost 30 years on TV it in no way is ripping off Gossip Girl. Even the new version of the TV show has been on for over 10 years.

Personal? Wait, wait, wait!? So you don't use the public vibrator?

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degrassi was on air long before gossip girl but god bless the poor unforunate souls who's lifes end up being like that bloody show.

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omg Ikr I saw that in degrassi too!

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Also they're just ****** stupid >.

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As apposed to the one she shares with everyone else -_-'

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Hahahahahaha soo tru claire got SCREWED:)) literally:)) haha

I feel like u should shut the hell up mom!

I was gonna argue with you saying degrassi doesn't corrupt our teenage minds, but then I remembered I got the idea of burning myself from degrassi... ( I had some issues but I'm better now )

seems like you should have left that at home

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judging by all the vibrator fmls, maybe leavin it somewhere might not be best. like that chick that left hers on the bed of the family she was staying with damn vibrators are crafty evil geniuses

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If she kept it in the box, she wouldn't have been able to concentrate in class and would have distracted/entertained the rest of the class with her multiple, orgasmic moans.

Lol, YDI OP! should've left that at home for the weekend! but that's really funny. sorry

Maybe she going on some kind of weekend sexual adventure and she NEEDED it. O.o

can always use a finger or the pillow or your cell...

this definitely reminded me of degrassi lol. ha fyl