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Today, I was knocked into a wall by a high-pressure water cannon suddenly kicking in. I was only going to the corner store to buy some chocolate. Probably serves me right for not noticing a small riot due to a thumping hangover. FML
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Are you the same idiot who got so drunk they gave out there moms number..?


this reminds me of the scene in jackass when knoxville is riding the bike and they shoot him with a firetruck hose.

What has happened to our rights as humans? Can a man not walk to a store and buy chocolate for his starving family without being hit by a water cannon? Can a child not play with his toy ball in the front yard without being fined for littering in the sidewalk if he leaves it there? Can I not pay a woman for favors in the back of my car?

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i don't always hit people with a water cannon, but when i do, i hit the innocent ones.

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22 yeah I have your mom dress up as a police officer

Way to water down the situation, everyone knows you were going to the corner store to get condoms for your mum because she got a random call from some cute guy she never met. Maybe you should have run like you were getting your hair cut, that way you wouldn't have gotten sprayed all the way to California, where you'd be missed by your creeper uncle who'd cry while jacking off thinking about you, and because he had cuts on his dick from shaving his pubes. I hope you didn't tell your cat this story, because he already had to listen to bitching from your 'religious' parents about how Granny has a new boytoy.

-45 Can you ****** on me? My awesomeness meter is running out.

^^^ Ooooh, looks like some sexy times are about to go down in FMLville. Imma grab my raincoat to watch. Grab a chair. :)

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people these days still use high pressure water hoses at riots?! theyre so civil rights era with bull connor..... lol

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23, Stay wet, my friends. O and spray responsibly.

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Sounds like the OP is in England.

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You want to hit a metal wall because it leaved an imprint

That's [partly] why I don't drink. Hangovers are a bitch

You don't drink in case you don't notice a riot and get hit with a water cannon when you're hungover? Odd.

He doesn't drink because he is 15 if you go by his profile.

and also he is arabic muslims mostly dont drink (says the muslim turkish guy who drinks all the time)

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Are you the same idiot who got so drunk they gave out there moms number..?

Probably not. This person is obviously in England right now, and from the other person's speech style, it seems they are not British.

Also, the location on the other one says she lives in Canada. So... Yeah.


Can you guys stop going around like, "yay, Canada is the best." It gets annoying when you see stuff like that on every FML posted by a Canadian.

51- There were about four comments here that got deleted. 13/14 was replying to those, not the original comment.

Nope, I'd say he's the champ who received it. Go get em son!

Water canons and chocolate... My favorite.


This reminds me of a certain scene in Scary Movie 2, where they were stuck in some sort of freezer type room, the dude ended up getting a hand job, and exploded and propelled the girl with what looked like a fire extinguisher going off, and her going flying back into the wall.