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Today, while flicking my bean, I was thinking about my boyfriend who moved to California last week. Before I came, I had to stop because I started crying. FML
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Who says "flicking my bean"? Lol


"one year, on valentines day, I was so sad that I masturbated with my own tears. just once though." +1 interwebz if you know what movie that's from.

Mandy0325 1

I was thinking the same thing haha

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Gotta flick the bean a little bit harder to forget about this one

Ok ok! Im a very visual person so when i fist read it i visualized just a random someone flicking a bean down a counter...... Then i realized what it meant! Hahaha!

Jaimegirl 7

Yeah I was thinking "flick my mean you have a small you-know-what?" Then I realized they were female and they were talking about there boyfriend. lol

YourEvilHero 12

calling the ****** a beam? wow

Yeah, I think she was calling her ******** a bean, not a large piece of wood. Dumbass...

#85 It's a bean, not a beam you oatcake :L. A beam is a bit big...

Who knows, maybe she has a clit the size of a beam of wood

If it was that big you could swing from the rafters of her ******.

taurusxdee 10

Yay for The Ugly Truth references=]

dotDotMyCurve 0

um. at that dumby up there she was speakin of her clit. dipshii(:

aswan15 0

Exactly what I thought!!! Haha who even says that?! :)

bitchslapped22 14

235- Flicking the bean is a common phrase for female masturbation, not just something OP made up.

It can't be that common if some of us haven't heard of the phrase yet. For I have just heard it, and I think it sounds pretty ******* stupid.

PurpleFrostingg 7

I actually was quite confused by what he meant I truly had wondered where OP had been going when he said "before I came" I feel intelligent xD

jayer_hooo 0

rofl that's a she btw and what a weird as thing to call it?? lik WTF?

39- Can you please learn to spell before you comment again

sematariux 7

28 = virgin lolz ;) And 45 Stfu

Jvr91 8

45 it's a post on fml not English class

I'm not saying it is English class, I'm just asking people not to spell like they're mentally deficient.

Yeah 73 but isn't that argument over yet? I don't know why people care so ******* much about spelling on this silly, and sometimes stupid website. Only an asshole who has no argument complains about spelling. Either that or you're just a pretentious dick.

aFatFuck 0

47 real original calling some one over the internet you don't even know a virgin.

41 might not be virgin, i've never heard anyone call clit a bean before XD

noelykins1 19

Haha I so agree, I had to read this post 3 times to get" flicking my bean"

noelykins1 19

So your trying to say that when you are typing as fast as an average person about 75 GPM it isn't okay to not push a key all the way down by accident. If that's how you look at it then you sir are a jackass. Just stating the truth. Oh was I talking to fast for you? Sorry I didn't realize your small incompetent brain couldn't intake the truth.

127- When you are replying to a thread you should clarify who you are talking to

Llamassss 21

127- *Too* fast for you. Also, *you're* trying to say.

Good point 144, my small, incompetent brain didn't notice those mistakes when I first read 127s comment

28, op is a girl. op, who uses the phrase "flicking my bean"? lol

198- I've seen a comment with over 800 thumbs up

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Haha nice out of all that you get out flicking the bean

BelleBelle_fml 11

I've never heard the term 'flicking my bean' How creative haha!

CatEyes66 0

I've never heard if it before either but it wasn't the "bean" part of the quote that creeped me out it was the "flicking" part. Sounds painful.

fahquad 4

It's old slang that was used. Lesbians also sometimes called beanflickers

BoredomCentral 8

I'm sorry, I'm off to find a translator for this comment cause I have no idea what you just said.... brb :)

foreverDark 1

I honestly didn't hear it before this either, so I did a search on Urban Dictionary. Couldn't people just use the word "masturbation" and be done with it

citymayer 7

Well, that's, um, awkward. Get better, I guess. Or whatever you're supposed to say to this.