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  Cad6  |  24

True, but OP wrote this as an FML, so a more likely scenario would be that he is an only child, because he immediately made the assumption that his mom brought it for him, and probably assumed that it's not his dad.

  notsorandomguy  |  18

16 - No. I'm sorry but no. A mother decides to have a baby, and that comes with all those responsibilities, of which she is aware beforehand. Now, I'm not saying children or teenagers can't be a pain. I'm just saying there's often no real credit to be given, only criticisms except for exceptional people, because whatever happens is a predictable consequence of their own choice.

  kat2812  |  1

31, do you have any children? well, you are absolutely correct about women choosing to hav babies. however NOTHING can completely prepare you for everything that comes with having a baby, not baby sitting, not watching your sister raise her baby, NOTHING. mothers do deal with a lot that they never even considered they would have to deal with. I agree that moms aren't given enough credit, but more for what they do. saying they don't get enough credit for what the put up with makes it sound like having kids is a constant burden. I think any mom would say that even if they have to "put up with" a lot, it is well worth it in exchange for having a child that you love, not just any love, it is a love you never experienced before.

  maosquare  |  18

31 - Your comment seems to suggest that the child will turn out in the exact way the parents intend them to be. By saying that, you seem to assume that all children have no free will for they will turn out exactly as their parents have planned. Actually, in most circumstances, whatever happens in life is not a predictable consequence of their own choice. I can be the most loving and caring parent on earth but my child can still turn out to be less than desirable.