By ssondik - 22/06/2015 00:50 - United States - Hebron

Today, I was invited to a fancy-shmancy charity event, and the host - my friend - told me to wear a long, ballroom, fancy gown. Turns out my friend was just being a dick and it was a pool party. I spent $200 on my hair and makeup alone. FML
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Ariel? Is that you? Own the party and work the crowd Revenge is a dish best served cold


yes at a pool party, with long dreas:/

She probably looked a little strange to all the other guests, which is upsetting. I'm sorry op.

I'm sure it was possibly/probably embarrassing, but its best to make best of all moments.

Well, you were probably the best looking one there!

Yes, but I guess swimming with a dress would be kind of difficult.

Ouch! I'm sorry Hun that's gotta suck. Personally I'd ask him to pay you back for the money he cost you on his little "joke". Although I bet you looked absolutely gorgeous!

Don't be tight by getting him to pay you back, just beat him at his own game.

You don't generally call girls "dicks".


#12 I agree and disagree. if she spent $200 on hair and makeup then I'm wondering how much she spent on the dress? I'd ask the friend to help pay at least half since the money never would've been spent had they not decided to play an expensive prank. however OP should not have spent money on something she could not afford. the only real reason I'm torn is because some people like myself will treat themselves to something expensive (like going on my first vacation ever next May) so I save up for it and make certain sacrifices so that I can see my wish come to life. so if it was the same for OP then I would have been extremely hurt by my friend for have done that. and I'd ask for some compensation since they wasted my time and money for a quick laugh.

$200 is a bit excessive for just hair and makeup for one night.. I don't think the friend owes OP anything. It was a dick move, but the friend didn't know OP was going to go out and spent hundreds.

43. Not really that is actually quite cheap.

That's pretty cheap for what should have been a high class event

My mom has spent several thousand per dress for events like that

Ariel? Is that you? Own the party and work the crowd Revenge is a dish best served cold

Now you have time to plan your revenge :)

your friend is an ass but i bet you looked 10 times better than them...

JustinJK 21

I actually went to a Taco Bell recently completely shit hammered after a charity event. I was wearing a TUX. My friend and I pretended to be on a super fancy date.

Now after that party you should have crashed a fancy-shmancy because you'd have looked FABULOUS!

That money would've been better spent for the actual charity.