By Cecilian - 6/3/2021 00:30

Stand up guy

Today, I found out why my fiancé has been treating me like garbage lately. He thought that me getting fed up and dumping him would save him the unpleasant task of having to confess to the affair he’s been having with his coworker. We’re expecting our baby girl in 4 months. FML
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By  juggalo2  |  15

So let's tally it up. He's irresponsible, abusive, an asshole, coward, philanderer, liar, and manipulator. On the other hand he could be physically abusive, emotionally unstable, bad in bed, have bad hygiene and be physically repulsive. See? It could be worse.

By  NotDrPhil  |  2

Sounds like its time for you to leave. Clearly he's not going to stop the affair. and this isnt a good situation for you or you child as you cant trust him. I would say get out now while you cam still support yourself before he puts you in a situation where you are "trapped". Love is never a good reason to force yourself into a relationship the other person has clearly been out of for quite some time now