By Carly4244
Today, I was the Maid of Honor at my friend's wedding. Months earlier, we had a bitter fight, but she picked out a beautiful dress for me and I thought we were past it. When I began speaking, the lights changed to a weird brightness and my friend snickered. My dress was completely see-through. FML
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By  christian_slate  |  14

If this was the wedding we think it was with the infamous wedding speech from the best man this month, at least all the men's excitement in their pants was due to the pornhub presentation.

  Casey Padovani  |  9

What is wrong with you

By  Meganetic7  |  10

This reminds me of that episode from Gossip Girl where Jenny makes Vanessa a see-through dress. But seriously OP you shouldn't call someone who did that a friend. Not only did she intentionally and publicly humiliate you, but she clearly enjoyed it. This is one of those FMLs that needs to be a "You deserve better" button.