By Anonymous - 25/09/2016 12:11 - United States - Richmond

Today, a girl introduced herself to me with the line, "Hi, I'm Anna. I have a boyfriend." FML
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gobiteme2 34

Hi my name is John and I don't care.

MisterKnowItAll 15


It demonstrates how full some people are of themselves :L

Shadowvoid 33

It sounds more like a challenge to me ?

23 - If someone has been hit on to the point where they would have to start conversations like this to avoid unwanted advances, I'd say they have every right to be full of themselves.

MisterKnowItAll 15

What does that have to do with anything here?

Sir_Cow 17

Vegans all ways have to mention that they are vegan.

gobiteme2 34

Hi my name is John and I don't care.

I agree and don't understand how this is an fml.

Hi AnnaIHaveABoyfriend, I'm MaxIWasn'tAskingAndDon'tCare.

ChiefKoala 30

it's an fml because OP could've given less of a shit that she had a boyfriend. Like, i don't give a **** if you have a boyfriend. If you introduce yourself with that sentence I"m more likely to punch you in the face without blinking.

28 - Since when does not giving a shit make something an FML? So should I submit an FML every time someone says something to me that I don't care about? The very fact that OP submitted this as an FML would suggest that he does actually care.

I agree and don't get how this is an FML.

awildwhisper 30

Maybe she has a controlling boyfriend that makes her do this, sadly I used to know someone like this.

She thinks that you'd hit on her. Honestly she's a bitch if she thinks so highly of herself.

She's a bitch if she thinks she's good enough for someone to be interested in her..? Oh sorry I forgot apparently people have to have no self esteem or self confidence and be grateful for any interaction..

It doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to point it if he asked then go ahead say you have a boyfriend but just doing it out of no where is just a bit egotistical

5 said if she thinks so highly of herself that people might hit on her that she's a bitch. Anna in the FML was rude, sure, but I'm focusing on this comment.

Honestly, you're a bitch just rolling with assumptions.

There's a big difference between being confident and just assuming you're so hot that every member of the opposite sex is going to be attracted to you.

So you know Anna and his she thinks any male is attracted to her? There could be reasons she thought op was hitting on her.

not really, because then she'd be leading him on if she didn't clear her position from the start.

how about you stop being a ******* crybaby. Better to announce it right away than having to deal with you crying "friend zone" in a month.

Sir_Cow 17

It could be annoying if he just said hi or needed something.

"Today, I just found out the girl I had a crush on the past two months has a boyfriend. FML" 8 - Also it just being annoying doesn't exactly make it FML worthy.

That means Anna thought you were attractive enough that it was worth telling you that she couldn't be a relationship.

mermaidkeels 26

Sometimes when I tell my friend I'm hungry. He says, "Hi hungry, I'm John".

I do that too, I'm just curious how it relates to this FML apart from people saying hi.

Did you show a sign that you were interested in her or something?