By LadyAlyxandrea - 14/07/2018 19:00

Today, I almost died after getting an epidural in my neck. The medicine paralyzed my entire body, including my diaphragm and lungs. The doctor tried to say it was a panic attack. I had turned blue. FML
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Medical malpractice! That doctor needs their license revoked!

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You can make the doctor change colors too. Just imagine the shade of white he'll turn when you hit him with a malpractice suit.


Medical malpractice! That doctor needs their license revoked!

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It’s a known risk with epidural analgesia, it’s a very low occurrence & easily treated. Can’t be a good experience on the receiving end, sorry op

And it would be an accident or complication had it been given in the lower spine, where it was meant to be administered. Given in the neck, however, is malpractice. An epidural works by paralyzing all nerve innervation below the point of entry. If it's give in the neck then you're paralyzing ALL muscles, including the diaphragm and heart.

ohsnapword 21

You can make the doctor change colors too. Just imagine the shade of white he'll turn when you hit him with a malpractice suit.

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This sounds like something straight out of final destination.

That’s what happens when you don’t pay your bills on time!

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That's what scares me. Get better soon

Anyone realize your attitudes is why the cost of healthcare is so much? They had an adverse reaction to a drug, which btw is like 100% in the known side effects, and your first thoughts are SUE HIS ASS! Which increase the cost of healthcare for everyone.

and yes I see the last part. Ive had something similar happen to me during wisdom teeth removal. My doctor told me i had a panic attack during the reaction. my point is this most likely wasnt their fault.

Do you know anything at all about epidurals? Like where they are given or how they function? They dampen nerve innervation below the point of entry for a small period of time. Typically they are given between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae, which are just above your tailbone. The purpose is to numb pain. Given in the wrong area, however, they affect any nerve. That includes the nerves responsible for prompting your diaphragm to contract (breathe in) and relax (breathe out). That also affects your heart. Giving an epidural in the wrong spot is malpractice. It risked her life and required additional medical costs for life support that the hospital will want her insurance to pay. It risked her life, so she should sue.

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Medical costs are rising because of several reasons; increased life expectancy comes with longer care, medical innovation treats patients that would have died, increasing cost of administration because of increasingly complex pricing and billing, and more nefariously, price gouging by medical companies raising the cost of medicine for short term profit over long term sustainability because they can. Contrary to popular belief, medical malpractice lawsuits have remained stable and do not play a significant role in rising medical costs.

It's an American thing, to sue everyone at the first given chance.

Wow that's ****** up your doctor is a quack get a lawyer, epidurals are never given above the diaphragm unless you're on a respirator and only above heart for heart surgery that is one moronic doctor.

I’m not used to them being placed in the neck! Kind of not surprising that everything below became paralyzed...