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  perdix  |  29

#1, yeah, girls love teaching things to guys without skills.

Perhaps, you can ask her to teach you how to wipe yourself properly.

  Sandman366  |  6

I lived in hills. I never learned to ride a bike. (There was very little non-hill where I grew up. We even got our back yard flattened at one point.) Ask her to teach you, would probably strengthen the relationship more than if you already knew how and agreed to go.

  isabellegypsy  |  12

#44 I went ice skating with a guy who didn't know how but he tried because I asked him to go (not knowing he didn't know how) He was clumsy and fell but it was a cute gesture and I wound up helping him and it was a really fun day. So you're wrong, some girls think that kind of thing is cute, and OP's crush might have been one of them.

  X_Codes  |  11

@128 - I'm a guy and haven't had that kind of experience, but I do think it'd be fun to introduce someone to something they've never done before, romantic intentions or no.

@OP - It looks to me like this was a very thinly veiled excuse for the two of you to spend some time together. Go back, RIGHT NOW, and ask her to teach you. If she makes some kinda comment on your inability to take a hint, ask her to teach you that, too.

  tjv3  |  10

Learn to ride. Tell her that u don't know how and then see if she will help. It would be fun and it would be a bonding experience

  Vash_41288  |  10

I saw a post somewhere that said if you take the pedals off and lower seat down so that your feet touch the ground and stroll around until you find your balance then put pedals on will help you learn fast.


It's what is termed as "bisexual erasure". A man whose dating another man is assumed to be gay. A man whose dating a girl is assumed to be straight. It's more complicated then that, but that is basically the most common manifestation of it.

  Lichinamo  |  33

Parents don't 'fail' if their kids don't learn how to ride a bike. When I was a kid and learning to ride, I messed up and landed face first on gravel. I never wanted to learn after that, so maybe OP had something bad to him happen when learning and want to stop.

OP, I hope you don't lose your chance!

  SirCharles83  |  13

Well maybe your parents failed you for letting you fall. Also, people don't ride bikes or skateboard because they are cool. Most people do it because they enjoy it.

  happle  |  21

My boyfriend has always ridden a skateboard and has never learned to ride a bike. There's no shame in not knowing or not teaching your kid something.

  cgchamp89  |  7

It was a given to teach your child how to ride a bike where I grew up. At 23, I still don't have a friend that has not taught their child how to ride a bike... Just differences I suppose

  CptZoe  |  10

46- When you are young and you are given a choice of which to use; skateboard, blades or bike, you will probably choose the one you think is the coolest, then once you have a go you might then find it fun and wish to carry on or you might hate it and wish to stop. So you choose by what you think is cool but develop your skills if it is fun.