By Fhhmylifeman - 11/4/2021 11:00


Today, I invited my Peruvian girlfriend to my parent’s house for dinner. They decorated the house with Mexican flag and Fiesta lanyards, and bought Taco Bell. My girlfriend is vegetarian and had to explain to them that no, Peru is not a city in Mexico. It’s been 3 hours and she won’t pick up her calls. FML
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  bleachedraven  |  12


By  slhiggx  |  7

Did you mention to your parents she is vegetarian?

By  SM79  |  4

If she's so immature that she is mad at you for your parents trying to do a nice thing but being confused, and ignoring you, tgen you can do better amyway.

  vadarose  |  10

It’s not immaturity it’s the fact that it’s disrespectful to think that Latinos are all Mexican. They heard a country that was from South America and assumed she’d be okay with a caricature of a different culture because “it’s all the same anyway”. On top of that she’s fucking vegetarian.

By  DrSamba1  |  7

My ex-wife and I once visited her sister's family. They were all excited because their daughter had brought over her Brazilian boyfriend who spoke very little English and they thought I'd be able to converse with him. I speak Spanish, not Portuguese.

By  DanielleinDC  |  32

Your parents are idiots. Did nobody tell them that 1) Peru and Mexico are two different countries with two different cultures and 2) your girlfriend is a vegetarian?

By  Rydiel  |  11

the parents obviously put the effort in, it should've just been a good laugh and polite correction, she's definitely being unreasonable. or theres another reason