By katams - 26/02/2012 12:28 - United States

Today, I was going for a walk and I kept smelling pee wherever I went. After about an hour, I finally figured out that the smell was me. My dog had peed on my sweatshirt. FML
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missyj0 12

My friends dog jizzed on my sweater once... I know how you feel, OP. Dogs are ******* lucky they're cute.


missyj0 12

My friends dog jizzed on my sweater once... I know how you feel, OP. Dogs are ******* lucky they're cute.

Not all dogs are cute.. the Mexican hairless dogs creep the hell out of me.

CockAsian 14

No, Mexican hairless dogs and chihuahuas are different

icrest80 4

1- i would suggest to get your dog neutered but i would never wish for another males balls to be cut off

I bet you made the dog sing "I jizzed in her sweater". Lucky you, I'd be lucky to make my pimple ooze white substance.

Lonely Island reference, 66? Too bad it wasn't his pants though, that would've been funnier.

71, yes it was. I had to alter it a bit.

That wasn't your friends dog. It was Perdix.

1 - portkey me to hogsmeade auror Tonks.

I hope you weren't on a walk with your dog.. That would just be awkward.

SystemofaBlink41 27

45- I know the're like, watching your every move man...

taytaylal 11

Don't leave your sweatshirt on the ground...?

Who said it was on the ground? Maybe OP had it hanging on the railing or something and the dog marked it?

RochelleRedvines 8

I have learned in life that a dog can make a pretty freaking high arc when peeing and it is not limited to the ground.

The_Troller 14

Plus it seems like they choose specific things to pee on. One time my dog pushed my bedroom door open just to piss all over my sleeping bag, and somehow did it without getting a single drop on anything else.

Not as bad as me. When i was young my dog pissed on my back while i was laying down. Sad thing is is that i wondered for like half an hour why the fk is my back wet.

So many commenters on FML leave lame advice with a question mark. If you're gonna leave advice at least be sure about it and dont put a question mark. It just makes you look insecure about your statement.

omgthatsosuppera 4

That's your dog's way of showing ownership

Better start on those kibble sandwiches.

56, if you feel the need to specify "shit" meaning stuff instead of feces, then just don't say "shit" just cause you think it makes it cooler, cause in all honesty you look stupider saying "shit(stuff)" as opposed to just saying "stuff"

hellbilly205 17

And 58 you look stupider explaining it in full unneeded detail

I highly doubt she said it that way to "look cooler". There are jackasses on here who would be like "ew why are you touching your dogs poop?!"

hawkey126 0

Obviously, 5 found the cure for cancer AND AIDS.

gmc_blossom 21

Female dogs are called "bitches." O.o That's all I can think of.

MickGold 8

70- that's what they meant. "what a bitch" cuz female dogs r called bitches. Congratulations! U get a cookie^-^

desireev 17

He was just marking his territory!

I don't like your picture. Now all I can think about is all the spiders that I've murdered and the ones that have gotten away.

Didn't you notice that the sweatshirt was wet or smelled like pee before you left your house?

Now I look like I copied your comment. Awesome.

Didn't you notice it was wet before you put it on?

It probably had dried by the time OP put it on. Wearing any kind of wet/damp clothing to walk in is rather uncomfortable.

Yeah how did you not notice the smell when you were putting on the sweatshirt?